Excuses – Just Say No!

You ever ask yourself “why do I complain so much?”

You should!

I have, and it reminds me to re-program my brain and stop making excuses. Every one does it, it’s just that some people do it more than others AND some actually take action in spite of having the “excuse”. The one’s that do are the people that are successful, whether in training, life, business, relationships…. or dodge ball (if that’s your fancy).

Whenever you feel sorry for yourself, find inspiration in others that could have many more excuses than you but decide they will not be defined by them.

I started thinking about this as I was sent a link to an article about this years CAF Inaugural Paratriathlete Camp, which invited and sponsored one of our Renton Results boot camp members Tony Smith.

Tony is the tallest of the crew, as are his achievements!

Tony is the tallest of the crew, as are his achievements!

Tony lost a leg in a car accident but you can’t notice because he kicks so much ass!

We ran a transformation contest in January of this year and Tony signed up through some friends that already trained at Hocevar Performance. From the get go, he never made any excuses and attended all the extra training, changed his nutrition and busted his butt day in and day out to finish in 3rd place, losing over 30 lbs in 8 weeks and not only completely changing his body composition but also his performance.

Only a part of Tony in the second picture...

Only a part of Tony in the second picture...

Tony didn’t stop there, as he dove into training for triathlons more specifically which ended with his invitation and sponsorship to CAF camp.

How you do anything is how you do everything! That’s why Tony has been successful…..

Making excuses in training probably means you make excuses in other areas of life as well. Re-program your mind. Thoughts create feeling, feelings create actions and actions create results. Look at others that choose to take their excuses, (dis)abilities and turn them into strengths, actions and results!

Here is another story I can’t continue without presenting to you. If you’ve never heard of Kyle Maynard then check this out…

Now, what’s your excuse again?!

Think about that for a minute and remember this story the next time you decide to convince yourself you can’t do something or choose not to continue doing something that is “hard”.

On another note.

Since we’re talking about people who kick ass, let’s also check out MY ass getting kicked at the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach. This is world renowned strength coach Robert Dos Remedios Cardio Strength Training hands on session, which always ends up being a slaughter house (that’s if you really push it like you’re supposed to!).

I made sure I was in the group with other crazy mofo’s Rob English, Will Fleming and Hocevar Performance team member Albert Park, to make sure I wouldn’t slack! So check us out if it makes you feel any better…..

In the words of Dos: DO WORK!!!!

The 15/15 power intervals for 5 minutes…

And the 20/10 Tabata

Nothing better than getting out of your comfort zone, surrounding yourself by other motivated individuals and taking it to the next level.

No love lost, after getting smashed, got a drink...

No love lost, after getting smashed, got a drink...

If you’re on a mission to get ripped, boost your performance or take your athletes conditioning to the next level, then you should check out Dos’ crazy conditioning methods at his new membership site CoachDos.com

Now go take some action and stop making excuses.

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