Creating A Complete Training Session in 30 Minutes

Some people really are that busy...

Some people really are that busy...

I used to think training sessions last as long as it takes to get them done.

I thought my program design was effective and efficient and would cover all the bases in a short amount of time. Whatever short meant to me that is.

Then came along a number of busy professionals who wanted to get in 30 minute training sessions (I never thought anyone could be that busy, I realize now even with my own crazy schedule sometime it is possible), no more, period!  They also wanted to have the best of everything: mobility, tissue quality, explosiveness, strength, muscle building, conditioning, fat loss, a new wife/husband, etc.

It’s almost easier to hook them up with a new wife/husband than get all that achieved in 30 minutes!

This is gonna take some Harry Potter type stuff, so I’m throwing all the ingredients in the cauldron and cooking them up:

- 3 ounces of Tissue Quality

- 1 lb of Mobility

- 2 tbs of ExplosivenessSAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

- 1 lb of Strength

- 5 lbs of Metabolic Conditioning

- a pinch of Mental Toughness

Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes with the temperature set at “hot as hell”….. sprinkle some added Hocevar Performance magic and…VOILA!

Cooking up a great 30 minute training session

Cooking up a great 30 minute training session

And here’s something I made a little earlier…..

Tissue Quality (5 mins) – this is one thing I will negotiate with the client with, to come in 5 minutes or so earlier so they can get their foam rolling in before they start the session. Sometimes it works at times it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I still make them do it and turn the clock back so they still think they’re on time – that’s how important it is!

Dynamic Warm Ups (5 mins) – these will be done non stop to raise body temperature and address mobility, activation, central nervous system excitement

Below is a sample lower body warm up lasting 7+ minutes and is very thorough. For our session we would cut it down to 5 and make it a full body warm up. This will give you a good idea of the tempo and some exercises…

Strength + RFD/Reactivity (10-12 minutes) – we use different rep schemes and exercises. Here is an example of one of our client’s programs.

1A). Trap Bar Deadlift  x 5/3/1 or more

every set immediately followed by 5 box jumps (or some other explosive/RFD/reactive movement)

1B). Log Clean and Press x 5/3/1 or more

NOTE:  We superset these movements almost back to back and take a minimal break in between the superset. This allows us to not only cut down the training session but also create more of a metabolic effect. We will adjust the percentages of the weights if the short breaks hinder strength (which we haven’t found to be the case)

Metabolic Strength Training: EDT – Escalating Density Training (8 minutes) - do as much work in the allotted amount of time with the given exercises and rep scheme and challenge yourself to improve every week on the given training days.

Dumbell Reverse Lunges x 10/each side

Bodyweight Rows x 10

Swings x 15

TRX Push Ups x 10

NOTE:  We will change EDT with intervals, circuits, complexes and combos. It all falls within what we are trying to accomplish but the clients assessment will determine what we will include in the program, how much and when.

Finishers (5 minutes) – we will change this up to keep it fun and challenging, from tabata’s, leg matrix’s, Training For Warriors challenges, etc.

This time the program called for 15 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest for 5 minutes (10 rounds), alternating between the following exercises:

1. Prowler high/low

2. Dynaball Slams

3. Spiderman Push Ups

4. Battling Ropes

Another finisher that is pretty brutal and doesn’t take much time is Prowler Suicides…

Repeat as prescribed :)

I’m not saying this is an optimal training session, what I am saying is that it is an optimal 30 minute training session and there is a need for it. I never want to hear you can’t train with 30 minutes (or less!).

The above is real training that we perform at Hocevar Performance for some of our 30 minute semi private training sessions. The tempo is pretty crazy and the rest breaks are not as prescribed by the “books” BUT the improvements in body composition, movement, speed, strength, conditioning and feeling in our clients is real and undeniable!

Dennis Williams before:after (before)

Dennis Williams before:after

I will be shooting a video of one of our 30 minute sessions so you can see the tempo, intensity, etc.

In the meantime, put yourself through one of these sessions so you know how it feels and you will understand how 30 minutes can be more than enough time to DO WORK!

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