My 2011 Goals – Training and Professional

Looking to reaching new heights in 2011...

In my last post I talked about a “checklist” of how to go about setting goals. This time I will share some of the goals that I have set in the training/athletic category (this will touch on lifestyle as well) and also some of my professional goals.

I’m definitely not the master of goal setting and I have become better at practicing what I preach by writing my goals out and sharing them with as many people as possible so that I am subconsciously held more accountable. I will also print out all my goals and put them in a couple of very visible places so they smack me in the face every time I start slacking off.

I’ll break this post down into two categories, my athletic/training (as well as some lifestyle) goals will come first and then I will touch on some of my professional goals.


For training if I have to some it up in one sentence….I will become this guy…..

My after picture

BUT to do that there is going to be quite a bit of work. As I have mentioned, in the past 1-2 years I have let nagging injuries turn into some pretty serious issues that I need to fix (Note: this became very clear at Mike Robertson‘s Rehabbing The Low Back and Knee Seminar). Even though I have been training diligently around my troubles and working on them (even setting some PR’s in the process), it is obvious I need to take 1 step back to take 3 steps forward. So here is how I have set out my goals for the following year:

Phase I: Corrective emphasis

In this phase I am going to focus on getting rid of my weaknesses and restrictions as it is the most important thing for me right now to be able to achieve my athletic goals and stay injury free. In this area I have sought the help of a super smart performance coach and fellow Elite Mastermind member Mike Robertson to design me a program and keep me accountable (as well as see the things that I can’t see on myself). I can definitely say that even though I am great at program design for Hocevar Performance clients, I am not the best person to design my own programs because I am not objective at all, and the hard headedness does not help either (this is what usually make me push myself beyond the limit).

This doesn’t mean I will not train hard or that I will get super weak but my goal here is to maintain my strength and performance but acknowledging that great movement and correcting weak links comes first even if I have to suck up some loss of lbs on my lifts, etc.

Phase II: Getting strong as a mofo!

I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near weak but I have this weird standards that resemble what that green guy above in the picture can do. I will post my current bests in the lifts I want to improve (some tested currently and some a while back). This may not even be a 2011 goal but it is a goal I strive for and I have broken it down to smaller goals for months to come after my corrective phase (bold numbers are my goal number, regular font are my current numbers – within the last 3 months):

Bench 335 lbs               375 lbs

Deadlift  (straight bar) 475 lbs               550 lbs

Trap Bar Deadlift 505 lbs               600 lbs

Front Squat 325 lbs               375 lbs

Chin Up + 135 lbs x 2         + 150 lbs x 3

I hit my PR for Sumo DL’s on this day

Like I said, some of those goals reach beyond 2011 but they are set and I have also broke them down into smaller increments in the coming year. There are also some other training numbers I have set out for myself but let me not go into too much overkill here.

Phase III: Specific Sports Performance

This is where I am going to focus on reaching some goals that have I put on the back burner for a while but I’m really motivated to achieve them now that I’m getting closer to my 30th birthday. It’s pretty much my way of saying I’m still a beast and can smash on these 20 year olds, especially on the court. So here it is:

Vertical Jump: 40 inches

40 Yard Dash:   4.4

Pretty good before I started having some nagging injuries

Even though I’m shooting for those numbers, I’m also going to work to get to the peak of my on court athleticism as far as change of direction, speed of jumping, etc. This also has some correlation to some of my professional goals which you will hear about later.

Here are some other goals that are just as important that fit into the athletic/training/lifestyle field:

1). My nutrition. I’m starting the year of with testing out a new nutritional protocol that is going to be put together by another fellow Elite Mastermind member Tyler English, with the focus of getting me down to between 7-8% body fat and maintaining as much of my muscle mass.

Otherwise I will continue to improve my nutritional lifestyle which has overall been very good apart from some things sneaking in these past 3 months (protein bars, energy drinks,…). I’m a big proponent of the Precision Nutrition 90/10 rule but I’m always looking for new ways to improve nutrition that will help my performance, body composition as well as overall health, feeling and well being.

2). Start playing basketball 1-2x a week. This is something I really miss and I have been sporadic with it at best. I’m going to start 1x a week at the beginning of the year when the gym will be super busy and we have more projects and pick it up to 2x a week as the year goes along.

3). More activities in the great outdoors. I am very active as far as being outside and doing things but I miss combining challenges and the great outdoors so I will dedicate more of my time to hiking and weekend or day trips that include physical activities. It is something that I did quite a lot when I was living in Europe and seemed to drop off a bit when I moved to Seattle even though there are so many places to go and be active around here.

I’m also going to focus on getting 5 weekly walks around the park where we live. This is not only to relax my mind but it’s also where I come up with a lot of creative ideas.

4). Getting 7 hours of sleep a night. This may be the hardest but one of the most important for me. For everyone who knows me, you know this is lacking. There isn’t many things more important than sleep and when I get enough I’m always more productive and my mind is clearer. I tend to be a workaholic and night owl BUT I have improved in the last 3 months and will continue to do so. Not only will I work on getting more sleep, I will also make sure I’m getting to bed earlier (sleep before midnight is much more restful than sleep after midnight!)

That being said, sleep is more important than anything else I mentioned above and it’s they key to aging gracefully, maintaining hormonal balance, and having a really high quality of life.

These are the main things I will be focusing on in the area of , although I broke some of them down more specifically on my own goal setting sheet (the more specific the better).


At the end of the year I always look back and try to be as honest with myself as I can when it comes to:

- Things I did real good on and my strong areas (which is what you should constantly be in the forefront)

- The things I need to work on and address

- The things I would be better off cutting out or reducing my time spent on them

- The things I need to spend more time on because they are helping me reach my personal goals faster

This will help me get to the “meat and potatoes” of what needs to go and what I need more off. I am working towards minimalism and the things that produce the most positive affect in my life and career (minimalism is definitely hard for me).

Although it is hard to separate many of the goals I have set for myself apart from my expectations and goals for Hocevar Performance and the Renton Results Boot Camp, I will try to stick to my personal professional goals.

1). The expansion of Hocevar Performance (2.0)

I had to throw it in there because it is the biggest part of everything I do and my number one passion professionaly. The expansion and the move to a new space has been delayed because of some unfortunate situations but it is still the the number one task on my list and something I am working towards full throttle. This will open a lot of new doors for myself as well as the Hocevar Performance Team and most importantly it will allow us to not only better serve our clients but also affect many more people in the most positive way by expanding our programs.

My goal is to have a lease signed by the beginning of February. This has been a long time coming but without deadlines there is no accountability.

2). Seminars and presentations.

This past year I did two seminars/workshops with one being in Slovenia, Europe.

I really enjoy public speaking and I feel like I can relay things so much better when I am able to present my thoughts in front of people rather than in writing. I always like the interaction and seeing how much people get out of the seminars/workshops, especially when I can do hands on demonstrations and address what I am talking about.

Much of the speaking that I am doing in Europe is to fitness professionals which gives me a chance to influence so many more people. If I can help a trainer learn some new methods that they can apply when training their clients and getting them better results, rather than affecting just them I have also affected the people that they will train.

My goal for 2011 is to do three one day seminars, as well as multiple 3-4 hour workshops for our current members.

Hands on with 17 fitness professionals

3). Blogging and articles

In the coming months one of the projects that is high on my to do list is creating another blog site that will be specifically mine separate from the Hocevar Performance blog. The current HP blog will still have high quality content related to performance, training, nutrition, etc. as well as content related to the Renton Results Boot Camp, while my personal blog will be dedicated to fitness, performance training, mindset and self development as well as business building tips, travel, investments, and anything else I feel like talking about.

I will make sure that it is a top level blog that delivers real world information and not some b.s. I’m making up, or something I’ve heard and never done. Part of the reason I am doing it now is because I didn’t feel like I could talk about certain things before (I didn’t walk the walk). One thing I will never do is just sit behind the computer and not be in the trenches doing what I write about.

4). Information Products

The gym is and has been a priority and I am slowly systemizing things as well as having the most incredible team at Hocevar Performance that does a great job and helps me feel relaxed when I leave things in their hands. This will allow me to start working on my first information product within the next 4 months.

This is another area where I can reach a much larger audience and help many more people than I do on a day to day basis at the gym.

I will give you more details on this project sometime soon.

5). Continuing education

This has been high on my list all throughout the years and with Hocevar Performance growing I have been able to invest even more into my education. In 2010 I attended 10 different conference, seminar, workshops or masterminds either relating to training, nutrition or business. These ranged from across the U.S. to Europe and Canada.

In 2011 I will continue to take my education to the next level and attend an even amount of training (or rehab) and business seminars as well as be a member of the top coaching masterminds in fitness. I already have some events that I have circled the dates to attend:

- Chris McCombs Vegas Mastermind

- Elite Mastermind (Pat Rigsby) in Louisvlle

- Perform Better 3 Day Functional Training Summit in Long Beach

- Fitness Business Summit in Anaheim

- Bootcamp Bootcamp Conference in Louisville

- 1 Day Perform Better in Seattle

- Highline CC’s 1 Day Seminar

I’m sure I will be at others once I find out what all is ahead, as well as visiting a couple of top gyms around the country and hanging out to learn as much as possible from some of the top coaches in the world. This way I can combine my love of learning and traveling.

I’m also committing to watching one educational DVD a week and reading 50+ books this year.

In other words, I should never be bored.


Quite a few goals for 2011, especially since there are other I didn’t list and I think everyone should also work on:

- Financial

- Home

- Personal Development

- Lifestyle/Social/Family

Let me know if there is something you would like to see more of on this (or my personal blog that is coming soon)?

Have you set your goals for 2011?

Let me hear them and if you haven’t set them yet then get to it!

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