2011 Renton Fat Loss Contest – What Will You Do In The Next 8 Weeks?

What If You Could……

And YOU can!

You definitely won’t find me saying gimmicky stuff and b.s. that you can drop a 100 lbs in 8 weeks and that changing your body is real easy and you can do it by eating whatever you want and training 10 minutes a couple of times a week. And if someone does, you need to question their integrity and have them prove it to you……if they prove it to you then give me their number so I can learn from them.

What I believe in is changing your lifestyle so that when you make a body transformation you can maintain and/or continue to improve on the results that you achieved. What good is it to bust your butt training and taking on a crazy diet for 8-12 weeks (or more/less) only to fall of and gain it all bak in even less time? Positive changes are meant to last and when you start on a path that should be kept in mind.

But why do a transformation contest then?

What I also believe in is that people need a JUMP START – a boost that gets them going and out of the rut. The hardest thing is to start moving the snowball, but once it starts rolling with some momentum, it can’t be stopped. Transformation contests are a great way to get that snowball rolling and get momentum!

The reason that the Hocevar Performance personal training and Renton Results Boot Camp Transformation Contests are such a success, is they help people reach their body transformation goals AND maintain or improve those results. BUT There are certain ingredients that need to go into the success formula of a guaranteed transformation:

1. Great training program (a.k.a. boot camp workouts). The training has to address the primary goal of fat loss and gaining lean muscle but it also has to get people feeling and moving better, which will in essence means addressing their weaknesses, restrictions and problems. There are many fat loss programs that don’t make sense at all as they do not address the weak links (so even though you’re stepping on the gas, you have your foot on the brake – this will lead to injury). Our boot camps base most of the program design on the cardio strength training model, using whole body strength exercises, movement and intensity preceded by a dynamic warm up focusing on tissue quality, flexibility, mobility and activation. We also use different tools to achieve the desired results, from medicine balls, kettllebells, bands, dumbbells, TRX, sandbags, etc.

To give you a glimpse into one of our boot camps, here is a sample training session:

Foam Rolling/Stretching (specific to individuals)

Dynamic Warm Ups (50 second work/10 seconds rest): 1. Squat To Stand   2. 90/90 Static Lunge  3. Push Up Plank + Shoulder Touch 4. Y-T-I 5. Glute Marching  6. High Knees

Boot Camp Workout - 40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest – 6 minutes per station

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3

1. KB Deadlift/Swings      TRX Bodyweight Rows           Dynaball OH Slams

2. Push Up                            Reverse Lunges                        Pause Squat Jumps (3 sec. pause)

3, Band Pull Aparts            Knee To Elbow                         Single Leg Glute Bridges

Finisher: 30-25-20-15 Descending Intervals – Burpees/Mountain Climbers

And they have to be fun and challenging (check both off)….

2. Nutrition Blueprint. This is not a diet plan but rather a lifestyle  nutritional change that will get you great results in the short run but also change the way you eat for the better in the long term. We use Precision Nutrition as our system as it is by far the best lifestyle nutrition system out there. With it we can change dietary habits step by step until you are a new person in a new body, with new habits. We also have some tricks up our sleeve to get the most out of the first 30 days of your contest.

You need a nutritional blueprint....

A quick tip on how to detox and get the most out of the first 30 days: Eliminate all caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, yes, even tea, etc.), Sugar, Processed Food (this list is almost endless….anything canned, tinned, pre-packed, baked, if it has unpronounceable words and numbers on it, etc.) , Wheat (breads, biscuits, pies, cereal, etc.), Dairy (milk, cheese, etc….this can be added back later on), Alcohol (ALL of it!)

To check out a similar 30 day plan that we use in the Renton Results Boot Camp go and check out Dax Moy’s Elimination Diet here.

3. Accountability. If you have no one to answer to it is so much easier to just skip the workout or miss a meal (cheating and missing counts as one and the same). If you have committed to going through something to someone you love and/or respect, especially written out on paper then the human mind automatically becomes thinks accountability and not letting this (or group) down. Both the trainers and fellow members will keep you accountable and focused on your goals.

NOTE: if you haven’t read it yet, check out my goal setting article that includes a checklist of steps to set and achieve your goals HERE

4. Support. This is closely related to the previous point. To be more successful you have to have a support group, whether someone that is coming with you to the boot camp training, a friend or family member that supports you throughout your journey of changing your lifestyle and helping you with nutrition, or just understanding you when you go home early from a friends dinner to get up early and get in some extra cardio.

The truth is the best support is by the people that are in it with you, fighting the battle toward their goals. They understand you and feel what you are going through. Being in a group training environment will always push you to your potential and give you a higher chance of success.

5. RESULTS. At the end of the day  whatever you are dedicating yourself to has to produce results – period! There has to be a proven track record for the training systems/programs and social proof. In this day and age it takes more than just someone’s word.

Hocevar Performance and Renton Results Boot Camp have been the driving force behind hundreds of incredible body transformations, many of them who started “pushing the snowball” with a transformation contest.

Just some of our 8 week results that got the snowball rolling…..

These are just some of the successful transformations in our programs……..the next one could be YOU.

One thing  that I never mentioned that has to precede any of the above points. The most important factor when it comes to achieving things that you set out for yourself – ACTION! If there is no action then nothing happens.

If you are an action taker and you want the next 8 weeks to jump start your year and transform your body, then get started and send an email to my assistant at pam@hocevarperformance.com or call (425) 306-4598.

Where will you be if you don’t do this? What happens then?

No matter what you do, make sure you take ACTION and take control of your life. It is your choice.

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