What If There Was A Handbook On How To Become Your Own Hero?

Nuff said

Did the title give away what all this is about?

If not, then can I have a drum roll please……..there IS a hand book on how to be your own hero, more specifically it is A Crash-Course in Building a Badass Body, Getting Your Shit Together, and Living the Life of Your Dreams.

Not only is this book out there. It’s good. Real good!

As far as attention goes, if the bad ass title and headline doesn’t catch your attention, the content definitely should:

  • Defining what you really want out of life then setting a plan to get it
  • Gaining muscle or losing fat without sacrificing your social life
  • Structuring your day to be the most productive
  • Getting out of debt and making good money
  • Having better relationships with friends and family
  • Setting goals that actually get done
  • Letting go of the bullshit, and focusing on things that actually matter

Because it caught my eye, I went through it in one go in less than an hour.

I read a shit ton of books, e-books, manuals, etc. and although there’s a lot of good (even some great) stuff out there, I don’t usually feel like I need to be the guy writing book reviews. But this handbook was different because I felt it related to so many of my thoughts, philosophies (training, life and others) and things I have experienced or am dealing with in my own life (and I guarantee you’re dealing with in yours).

The beauty of it that there is no fluff, I mean none..  It is straight up, great advice of a young, successful “hero” who has learned from his own mistakes and also been smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. It shows you no matter who you are, you can be your own hero (live a better life, get a better body and pay it forward). But in case you don’t have the courage (or should I say cohonas) to take action, this book will still give you actionable steps to fix some issues you may be dealing with whether it is becoming more productive, paying of debt, eating better or training to create your own hero body.

A word of warning though, there are many reality slaps in the Hero Handbook and before you can actually do something you may have to man up and be honest with yourself. Honest about the shit you’re not doing and that you may be a procrastinator, or a member of the “living dead”.

Some of you may go through the handbook and literally find everything useful. I’m not even exaggerating.

For me, the content that made me jot down notes (yes, I take notes from books!), which I will implement asap, was:

- Memento Mori – keeping track of your life (this may be the single most grounding thing you will read)

- Defining your rules and what do you need to live well?

- Outlining your perfect day

- Get rid of your stuff (scary shit!)

- Take control of your morning

- Establish your “power position”

Now that I think about it, this handbook is very closely related to one of chapters in the book that is dedicated to de-cluttering and minimalism as it says a lot with few words.

It’s pretty simple, if you want to improve your life through having a better body, being more productive, being a better friend or having more money and living by your own rules (just some of the reasons), then you need to get this handbook. Any bad things to say about it? I took 5 minutes to think about it and still didn’t come up with anything, so no.

Heroes in the making...

The best part is yet to come though, Nate is giving The Hero Handbook away for FREE.

Just something Nate believes in and so do I, paying it forward…..

To get the Hero Handbook go over here and download the e-book.

For those of you who don’t know Nate (shame on you). Nate Green has been featured in The LA Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and has been a guest on top-ranked radio stations across the US. He’s the author of Built for Show and the book The Hero Handbook. He is 25 years old.

To read more about him, check out his blog.

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