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2011 Renton Fat Loss Contest – What Will You Do In The Next 8 Weeks?

Monday, January 17th, 2011

What If You Could……

And YOU can!

You definitely won’t find me saying gimmicky stuff and b.s. that you can drop a 100 lbs in 8 weeks and that changing your body is real easy and you can do it by eating whatever you want and training 10 minutes a couple of times a week. And if someone does, you need to question their integrity and have them prove it to you……if they prove it to you then give me their number so I can learn from them.

What I believe in is changing your lifestyle so that when you make a body transformation you can maintain and/or continue to improve on the results that you achieved. What good is it to bust your butt training and taking on a crazy diet for 8-12 weeks (or more/less) only to fall of and gain it all bak in even less time? Positive changes are meant to last and when you start on a path that should be kept in mind.

But why do a transformation contest then? (more…)

Loaded Conditioning

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Sometimes I just love doing some crazy conditioning stuff and I also love kettlebells (this deserves a post by itself), so why not combine the two!

I like for my athletes to have superior conditioning and go just as fast, jump as high and hit as hard at the end of the game as they did at the beginning. Everyone is all energy at the beginning but the athlete that finishes strong is going to be the victor the majority of the time. I like doing many different types of “evil” conditioning sessions, sometimes as a stand alone training session and sometimes just a time frame at the end of a training session (depending on the athlete, sport, time of year, etc…). One of the methods I like to use is loaded conditioning. Basically your body will be under load for the whole time of the exercise, which can take minutes. This is great for the MMA athlete as it truly caries over to the sport. This one will also build mental toughness believe me! In the video I am doing a shorter version while using 2 x 55lbs kettlebells. Enjoy!

By the way, the video was used by my colleague Jeff Jowers with permission, which is why it links to his site (which has quite a lot of very iseful information, so don’t be hesitant to hop over there).

I guess it can be a fat burning work out too

Loaded conditioning can use a lot of other implemets as well, such as dumbells, sandbags, kegs, etc… Choose them wisely and assess before blindly following. I do gurantee that this type of training will give you an edge in competition!