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This Weeks Q & A

Friday, December 5th, 2008

There have been some questions that have bundled up in my inbox and I thought it would be time to answer some of them. A quick answer to a popular question, yes I did stuff myself for thanksgiving…..or also known as carb loading!

What can I do with a group of basketball players (14 – 18 years) for strength training when I do not have any equipment or a facility other than a basketball court? I also need to point out that we have around an hour and a half where the majority of the time is going to be used for skill training and playing. (more…)

Get Built For Show On The Court,Field Or Anywhere Else

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I have to apologize because I thought this article was going to be up earlier, but I’m just going to have to blame Nate Green for that (I can’t blame myself now, I do no wrong……enter sarchasm).

Dominate Flag Football, Pick Up Basketball, or Anywhere Else You Want To Show Off is up in the resource section of Built For Show. The article has tons of info and it also includes a sample training program, pictures and links of videos to different exercises.

I want you to get your butt over there right now, get to training and send me pics and videos of in “your face” dunks, incredible touchdown catches, or maybe just comment on your improved performance in mini golf after you got done implementing the info into your training.

Since its in PDF you can also download it as an e-book and send it to your friends (if they play any sports with you then you might wanna keep it from them and dominate them). Go HERE to get it.

Nuggets Of Training Wisdom

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Every week I get to read a number of articles, newsletters, journals and gardening magazines (only the first three are relevant to this post) and I get to digest a lot of information. Sometimes I see things that I shouldn’t do, sometimes I just find confirmation in the things that I am already doing and there is always something new that opens my mind to something I should be doing or incorporating into my training system. So here are some nuggets of wisdom:  (more…)