What Type Of Fat Loss Transformation Can You Make in 10 Weeks?

Rebekah Winning Her Group!

Rebekah Winning Her Group!

Can’t stop, want stop!

A trait of all successful people is, that even when faced with obstacles big or small they keep on moving and conquer their fears. They see the opportunity in the crisis.

Everyone can become that person. You do have to make a choice though. You have to make a choice that you will succeed.

Yes, it’s that simple………far from easy but simple non the less.

“The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.” Epictetus

Rebekah Baker sat down with me 10 weeks ago for a fitness consultation and said that she wanted to be on stage for a figure competition, just to see if she could do it and get back into modeling. Fitness modeling to be more precise. Her eyes told me she made a choice that she will be successful.

There was some doubt  though because she had trainers before and didn’t get the results she was looking for.

I was honest, I don’t really train figure competitors. This worried her a bit as she was talking to some other people that are strictly involved in the bodybuilding and figure community. They recommended to train with them as no one knew me and I wouldn’t know much about the nutrition, as well as many other reasons why she should go with them and not me.

My response: “I know my shit and whatever I don’t know I will find out, on top of that you will also be able to kick all the the other competitors asses because we train like athletes.” I don’t know if that was it word for word but then my memory is so so these days.

Rebekah took a leap of faith and started training with me.

The beginnings were hard....

The beginnings were hard....

Before we move on it’s important to say that at that point in time Rebekah hadn’t touched a weight in 2 years, she has 4 beautiful kids and limited time to train (so 2 hour daily sessions are out of the question), people telling her there’s no way she can lose the belly fay because of the kids and a number of other “reasons” that people would call “excuses” not to start. She just used it as motivation and went to work.

“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.” Alexander Graham Bell

I haven’t mentioned one thin about training yet. Hhhmmm, I wonder why?

Because your mindset is the one that has to be set to be successful. Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions and actions create results! There is no training and nutrition strategy that will work when you haven’t set your mind for success.

So what did our training consist of?

We had 2 semi private training sessions a week which lasted between 45-60 minutes (depending on the program). We split the training session into segments:

- Dynamic Warm Ups/Activation

- Reactive/Plyo/Speed Training (if and when we did it….remember we’re training fro the show and the go)

- Strength and/or hypertrophy (we had different phases)

- Cardio Strength Training (Metabolic Training) which was based on intervals, circuits and EDT (escalating density training)

If you walked into the gym and seen Rebekah training you would see a lot the things we do with our athletes. We did make certain changes that would focus on the requirements of figure such as building Rebekah’s shoulders up to give her a certain look as her back has a great V-shape.

Actually, let me write out one of her training sessions to give you a better idea:

Foam Roll, Static Stretch Hip Flexors and ay other tight areas

Dynamic Warm Ups: OH Lunges x 8/each leg, Side Moving Lunges x 8/each leg , Inchworms x 10, Spiderman Lunges w/ Thoracic Extension x 5/each side, Squat To Stand x 8, Band Pull Aparts x 10, Band Dislocations x 10, Wide Mountain Climbers x 5/each side, Hip Flexor Activation Hold x 15 sec./side

Yes, the warm ups are thorough and we go through them at a fast pace…they really do warm you up and get you ready for a serious training session (as well as addressing postural issues, weaknesses, etc.)

Speed/Power: 1A). Box Jumps  3 sets x 6 reps

1B). Dynaball Explosive Chest Throws  3 sets x 6 reps

Strength/Hypertrophy: 2A). Trab Bar Deadlift   4 sets x 5 reps

2B).  Barbell Military Press  4 sets x 6 reps   (4 second negative – perfect posture)

90 second breaks between supersets (almost no break between the exercises)

3A). Offset KB Reverse Lunge    3 set x 8 reps/each side

3B).  Chin Ups    3 sets x 5 reps   (yeah, chin ups!)

3C).  Push Ups  3 sets x max. (only perfect form counts)

60 seconds break after the tri-set (very little break between exercises)

Metabolic Conditioning: 20 seonds of work/20 seconds of rest – Interval Training (8 minutes total)

Alternate between the following exercises:

1. Kettlebell Swings

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Dynaball Slams

4. Prowler Pushes

Cool Down: Foam roll, stretch and pray that you made it :)

She also did 1-2 boot camp sessions a week. These last between 35-40 minutes and are interval training and density training based. Her other “task” was doing interval sprints and hurricane training 3x a week on her own (lasting between 15-25 minutes max.).

Some of Rebekah’s metabolic conditioning in a boot camp setting

All together there was around 5 hours of training a week, no more. Some people don’t believe that such results can be achieved while training less than 5 hours a week BUT they can! If the dedication, motivation, hard work and compliance fall in place with a great program, nutrition and recovery, amazing things can happen. One of the things we talked about was implementing training that could be maintained as a lifestyle instead of taking over her life.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

A huge component  of the journey was the nutritional part. Rebekah had pretty good eating habits BUT they did not match the goals she wanted to achieve.

Since we started the first phase of nutrition by cutting out all processed carbs, sugars, even dairy and fruit for a phase of 3 weeks it became apparent how “different” her previous nutrition was. Realization is the first step. After 3 weeks on phase 1, we switched over a natural carb cycling model where we would manipulate carbs depending on levels of activity/training. This worked to the T and the results were getting accelerated as the weeks went by. We didn’t count calories at any point in time! I’m not saying this is always the way to go but it is preferred and if I know I have great compliance I will always take this route as it teaches the “lifestyle” eating.

If I have someone not progressing like I would like them to then we track, assess and correct. Different strategies for different individuals.

Rebekah’s compliance was very good and I could even track what she was eating by the pictures she posted. We kept constant communication to stay on point and make any necessary changes.

Pictures say a 1000 words...

Pictures say a 1000 words...

The final week before the competition there was quite a bit of research put into the process as I haven’t trained figure competitors in the past. I get freakishly geeky when it comes to this as I don’t like leaving to much to chance. We made a plan that would include cutting all carbs, sodium loading, water loading and then strategically cutting water, sodium and adding carbs at the right time. The peak came exactly at the right time and the end result was going from….




Mother of 4 kids!

Mother of 4 kids!

A vision, dream, dedication, fire, action and commitment……. a win in the first figure competition she ever entered!

Impossible is nothing.

This is only the beginning of an amazing journey……

Happy and proud

Happy and proud

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti

What is your dream? What do you constantly think about achieving but then convince yourself that it’s not possible, someone discourages you or tries to put you down?

Don’t let someone else live your life while you watch it pass by. Ready, fire, aim. Take action and MAKE it happen!

I hope this post inspired you to pursue your dreams.

A really important action is to tell people about your goals so you are held accountable. Post your goals in the comment section below and an action step that will put you on a path to them.

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  1. Luka,

    Now that is what I’m talking about! Hats off to Rebekah for phenomenal transformation and for her big win.

    And kudos to you bro for putting your heart and soul into it.

    She took the action to MAKE it happen and you were there with her every step of the way.

    Keep up the killer work my friend.

    Rebekah, I do hope to see you on that figure stage again soon! :)

  2. Tami says:

    Luka .. an amazing write up! Some what understanding what you both have gone through the past 10 weeks.. Seeing her on stage..It brings a tears to my eyes reading this.. Hard work, dedication, concern, passion from both of you.. Incredible results.. Incredible Victory!

  3. Pearl Canty says:

    Wow… thank you. I just “met” Rebekah on another site where she made a comment and I was drawn to check out her FB page… and that lead me here… and this leads me to my quest…
    Again, thank you!

  4. Luka Hocevar says:

    Im glad that this is helping you with your quest!

    Thoughts turn into feelings, feelings turn into actions and actions turn into results. Your belief system will determine your success. Know that you can and WILL make it happen and then put those commitments into action. Look forward to hearing about how great you are doing :)


  5. Petar Vujovic says:


    very nice post I will keep on reading what you have to say. This article is very inspiring and makes me want to go to the gym right now and work out.
    Thank you.

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