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How To Take A Basketball Player From Intramural To All Star Performance: Part 1

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

This post will be a longer post……if you don’t want to get better and don’t give a s@*t if THIS happens to you…

My name is Freddy and I DIDN'T work on my performance

My name is Freddy and I DIDN'T work on my performance

Then DON’T read this!

How many basketball players out there are frustrated with their level of performance?

How many are sitting on the bench a lot more than they would like to?

Maybe it’s the fact that you’re getting blown by, dunked on and dominated on defense?

I’ve felt every one of the above!

I even gave myself the whole “must be the genetics” talk. But it was just a cop out!

A large part of my life was (and still is) dedicated to basketball. I played from as young as I can remember and started going to basketball schools as well as joining a junior team by  the time I was 11. From there I played through high school at the highest levels, got a college scholarship and started 4 years, the later on played professional ball in Europe, not to mention countless street ball tournaments and just cutting short of winning the Nike Battlegrounds Slovenia. I also played in the NBA Summer Pro League 5 years ago before completely dedicating myself to strength and conditioning. (more…)

Seattle Kettlebell Workshop with Kenneth Jay

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

As you may know I love implementing kettlebell training into my athletes training programs as well as all my other clients training. I have done that because of a couple of reasons:

1. They work!
2. The training is versatile and fun (well, I call it fun).
3. They work!

I have been using kettlebells for almost 7 years now and there was a time where I trained exclusively with kettlebells while getting some of my greatest gains in strength and performance. I became an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Instructor) around 3 years ago and my team leader at the time was Kenneth Jay.

Kenneth is unique in the fact that he walks the walk, as you can see from some of his feats of strength (wait till the part where the senior instructors show their skills, you can even spot me in te vid)while also having an incredible knowledge base and staying in the trenches training Olympic and elite athletes as well as many others. His new book Viking Warrior Conditioning is an incredible resource on V02 max training and building a unstoppable conditioning machine. I have used the protocols for fat loss training and we’ve had some pretty crazy results.

You will be happy to hear that Hocevar Performance and Kettlebility are hosting Kenneth Jay for a 1 day workshop on The Quickest Way To Achieve Fat Loss and Forge a Heart Of Steel (the V02 max protocols). Kenneth will also be covering some of his insights on program design (this cannot be missed!). The workshop will take place at  downtown Seattle Xplore Fitness.

We are really going all out with some of the bonuses (an extra workshop?) and spots are filling up fast, we have 12  8 spaces left. To check out all the information about the workshop, go over to


Random Thoughts and Update's

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

It’s getting real busy at Hocevar Performance and I tend to train a little too long, I must confess. The situation leaves me only so much time to take care of all the other things I need to, such as keeping this blog as interesting as possible. So much for all the time management books I’ve read!

Here are some thoughts and updates that will be extremely random, yet I hope you get something out of them, even if it’s just a good laugh (I guarantee that one!) (more…)