Hocevar Performance In The News

Last week was a busy and eventful week for me, from attending the Fitness Business Summit 09 to appearing in the newspaper and then hosting Andrea Du Cane for a great workshop here in Seattle (her first one here).

As I mentioned before, its really important to keep improving your own education and go to seminar/conferences, mentorships, etc. but I find that you can learn the most from the leaders in the industry after hours when the event is over and you can pick their brain (while having a beer off course).

Fitness Business Summit after hours

Heavy hitters Bedros Keuilian, Pat Beith, Vince Delmonte and other fitness pro’s working on getting to that level…including me :)

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Are You Investing In Yourself?

This weekend I was at the Fitness Business Summit 09 in Anaheim, California and it was an absolute blast! I flew in on Thursday and spent the day at Newport Beach just chilling and riding the bike around (it’s been forever since I had done that) and catching some sunshine.

Just like any other conference, it costs money for the event, hotel, travel and expenses. Most people I talked to about going to the event were mentioning how they can’t handle such a cost. I never really looked at it as a cost but rather as an investment. I can say that it was easily worth ten times what I paid for it. The information, motivation and presenters were incredible, while the networking and relationships forged are priceless.

Fitness Business Summit 09

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