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I try to get these out on a Friday but I have been noticing that it’s always before or after. I guess the title should be random thoughts on a random day:

1. I have been quite busy with training, especially with the return of Matt Fields from the Tampa Bay camp (he played for Vero Beach this year). He is motivated and driven as ever and this off-season we are going to take his performance a step further from last year. Last year he made some incredible gains at Hocevar Performance (talk about strength and speed gains) while also going from 20% body fat to showing up at the Tampa Bay training camp at 10.3%.

It says a lot when a player comes back after the season, does a training camp and calls me up the next day to get started with training. Looking for some big things from him next year! Here is a set of pistols squats during our training session:

Baseball Strength Training

3. I forget to mention this earlier but a couple of weeks back I had The Nate Green Experience as I met with Nate Green while he was covering a bodybuilding meet in Everett, WA. He was in Seattle that night and we met up for dinner and some drinks with his friends and I brought my wife along. It was a great evening and we chopped it up regarding training, life and everything in between (I think that there are things in between. Apart from being grateful for Nate’s advice and help, the main point is that you should make an effort to seek out people that are in the same industry as you (or even outside of it), better than you in certain aspects and willing to share (it just reinforces why I also try to pass it on).

This is kind of reverse, but for those that do not know who Nate Green, he is a great trainer that used to run a succesful personal training studio in Montana (he consults for them now) but transitioned to being a regular contributor for T-Nation, has written numerous times for Maximum Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. To find out more, check out his blog here.

Nate is also releasing a book, Built For Show, at the end of November. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that want’s to look great naked, be in the top shape of their life and would like to hook up with women. Check out the Built For Show site (where I will also be having an article in the resources section…..about that another time though)

3. I have had some more questions regarding knee injuries (pre- and post-surgery) and instead of having to use too much of my own brain I will re-direct you to Eric Cressey’s newsletter where you can get another 5 tips for bulletproofing the knees from Mike Robertson who is the expert when it come to anything knee related. Check them out here.

If you have had any issues with your knees, injuries, or simply want to keep your knees healthy then The Bulletproof Knees Manual is definitely something you should have on your bookshelf. Bulletproof Knees is your first and last resource when it comes to developing long-term knee health.

Here is another fact that is quite disturbing: 85% of all knee ACL reconstructive surgeries are performed by surgeons that do less than 10 ACL surgeries a year. Hint – this is not good! Make sure you know his is going to be digging into your knee and that they are experienced at it, it may save you a lot of grief after the surgery.

4. Looking forward to the start of the NBA season! The pre-season is looking interesting allready and I am definitely rooting for some of my friends and colleagues that play in the league. Here is Beno Udrih from the Sacramento Kings giving a “reach and I’ll teach” move to Kobe Bryant:

Check if the shoes are ok

Also look out for Goran Dragic who is going to be backing up Steve Nash for the Phoenix Suns. I have played with Goran many a times and I can tell you this kid is talented and has a bright future in the NBA.

5. Hocevar Performance is going to be getting a Prowler soon as I have decided it’s time to step it up a notch. Everyone has got introduced to the Sled and I know that the Prwoler will only help to get our athletes to the next level of conditioning.


You though the Sled was bad….

6. After pulling my back about 5 weeks ago I have had to work around it and instead of doing box squats and deadlifts I have replaced a lot of the lower body training with single leg squats, deadlifts, sled dragging, front squats, lunges,etc. When you are flexion intolerant (ex: disc herniation) the overhead lunge is a great move because it encourages extension and limits loading to the strength and endurance in your shoulder.

7. I am going to be doing a Q & A every week with a lot of the questions that I receive about strength and conditioning for sports and general fitness training also. With that said I encourage everyone to ask questions and post them in the comments section so that we can have some great content and help all of you get to your goals.

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