Everyone loves fast results, don’t you? 

As much as I am a firm believer of hard work, commitment and persistency, I also believe that getting people to see results fast keeps them motivated and makes them believe in what you’re doing. This is also the reason I have incorporated the Warp Speed Fat Loss meal plans with the athletes that come through our door and need to drop weight and/or body fat as fast as possible.

If I get a baseball athlete (example) in the off season and I have 4 months to get him to the next level of performance, yet I need him to drop 15-20 lbs, then it’s a huge plus for me to be able to do that as fast as possible so that we can then focus the remainder of the training towards their next season (strength, power, conditioning, imbalances, etc…).

Here is another case where Warp Speed came in handy as we put Dennis on the program and modified the training to best suit his fat loss goals. I knew that he would do great but I have to say I was a little surprised myself as we checked the final numbers. Dennis went from 212 lbs on day 1 to 192.3 lbs on day 28! On top of that he is moving better and has improved his reactvity while also getting better number in certain core lifts. Not bad for 28 days.

Like I mentioned earlier though, the motivation, belief and drive is now where it needs to be and I’m sure Dennis will continue to improve.

War Speed Fat Loss for Athletes

Dennis before - front

Warp Speed Fat Loss for Athletes before

Dennis before - side

Warp Speed Fat Loss for Athletes after

Dennis after - front

Warp Speed Fat Loss for Athletes after

Dennis after - side

Whatever system you are using will not matter if you do not have hard work, commitment as well as persistency. The other variable that will make a world of difference is the environment! If you come to train with a bunch of crazy mofo’s everytime you step into the gym there is a good chance you will put in work because otherwise you’ll just get smacked for an hour and a half.

Here is our strongman session finisher on Saturday where we did 15 mins of density training at the end of the session.

This will help burn some fat

Still find it crazy that so many athletes are asking for training tips to improve performance while eating crap and holding on to more than 15%, even 20% body fat. If you are serious about being a top level athlete then you also have to perform, train, eat, recover, look and act (maybe not act considering what some pro athletes are doing nowadays) like one.

What are your thoughts on fat loss training for athletes and what have you done to lose body fat while maintaining strength and performance. 

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