It’s getting real busy at Hocevar Performance and I tend to train a little too long, I must confess. The situation leaves me only so much time to take care of all the other things I need to, such as keeping this blog as interesting as possible. So much for all the time management books I’ve read!

Here are some thoughts and updates that will be extremely random, yet I hope you get something out of them, even if it’s just a good laugh (I guarantee that one!)

- Congratulations to Armin Basic for getting a track and field athletic scholarship at the University of Washington. He will be looking to get on the football team and to be honest sky is the limit for him in that realm as well. You will be seeing a lot of Armin in the upcoming videos from the Hocevar Performance Gym.

- I just realized that I have almost completely stopped using regular olympic back squats. The only situation we still use them for is speed squats with lighter weights. I just noiced that my athletes were having a tough time with the regular back squat because it aggrevated the back as it is hard for many of them (especially basketball players) to maintain a neutral spine when going low. Most of our work is done with trap bar deadlifts, front squats and my personal favourite - box squats.

Its a lot easier for me to control that neutral spine with box squats and its a great posterior chain movement. We’ve had absolutely no back and knee issues from doing box squats and the performance has kept improving. 

- At Hocevar Performance we accept only the most dedicated athletes that come throuh are doors and are willing to put in the effort and dedication to fulfill their potential. We also look for athletes that will make the team better so when Makaila came through our doors, the choice was a no brainer…..

I dare anyone to match this attitude!

- I have just got done reading Dan John’s book Never Let Go and I wil actually write a review in a separate post because the book is so freaking good! It has so many great tips, experiences and no b.s. information from a legend in the strength game that it is really hard to cram in one post (and that would be one long post). So I wil just go and stick to Dan John’s advice….when in doubt, simplify!

- I came across this video on Nick Tumminello’s site and I couldn’t help myself and sharing it with you because it cracked me up. Please listen to this and I promise it will be worth your while….

Still laughin….

- On Saturday, September 12th, Hocevar Performance and Kettlebility will be hosting another BIG kettlebell workshop with non other than Kenneth Jay! This is going to be an incredible event and we have a ton of bonuses lined up so stay posted as I give you more information and details in the coming week….

Here’s a thought that is not so random, it’s almost 3 a.m. and I need to get my ass to sleep!

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