This weekend I was at the Fitness Business Summit 09 in Anaheim, California and it was an absolute blast! I flew in on Thursday and spent the day at Newport Beach just chilling and riding the bike around (it’s been forever since I had done that) and catching some sunshine.

Just like any other conference, it costs money for the event, hotel, travel and expenses. Most people I talked to about going to the event were mentioning how they can’t handle such a cost. I never really looked at it as a cost but rather as an investment. I can say that it was easily worth ten times what I paid for it. The information, motivation and presenters were incredible, while the networking and relationships forged are priceless.

Fitness Business Summit 09

I’m in the right hand corner with the sky blue shirt, I forgot my “I’m with Bedros shirt”……my bad 

These events also start giving you new ideas on the spot and make you dream bigger than you thought possible. Now you only have to take action.

Investing in yourself sounds like a good idea….

I have come to realize that many people do things ass backwards. The economy goes downhill and people start buying crappy food and cancelling their gym memberships, stop spending money on books and education while also cutting down on activities. The funny thing is that the sales in markets such as pasta, chocolates, and lipstick (among others) go up. You wonder why? Because they are products that make people feel good!

The problem is that they make you feel good temporarily (I don’t necessarily have an issue with lipstick as long as you’re not using it for the wrong reasons). Long term they are just causing more issues and grief and probably putting you in a worse physical, mental and financial slump.

In these hard times we should take control of the things that we can. Our health, education and relationships are more important than anything and they should be treated that way. There is no stock on the market that has as high a growth potential as you – so invest!

Behind the scenes with Josh Carter…

Invest in your health because it will make you more confident, have more energy to be better at what you do,  spend quality time with your family, cut down health costs, be more productive and score loads and loads of hot chicks (ummmm, if you’re a free agent that is). 

Invest in your education because no one will ever be able to take your knowledge from you and it is what will give you the advantage and confidence to take action and get things accomplished. It is a service based world and knowledge will always be in demand.

Invest in relationships because they are the only glue that keeps the world stuck together. I notice that in hard times we tend to turn against the people we love the most because of our own frustrations. Don’t let that happen and take this as an opportunity to build an even greater bond in your relationships.  

It’s always a good time to invest in yourself but now if an even better time. If you want to get ahead in life do something about it. If you don’t, then you cannot bitch about it because YOU chose. There is always a choice!

What have you been doing to invest in yourself, whether it be education, your body, relationships? Let me know.

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