Think about what your day looks like and what you would like it to look like. Every once in a while I sit down and asses what is going on in my life and whether I’m making progress with my goals. Many times you will find that you are far from where you want to be and you aren’t doing a damn thing about it! I work more than I would like and affect less people than I would like (by improving their performance or their physique) but it’s always a work in progress and I am dedicated to to creating that perfect day for myself. So here is where I am right now…..

I’m describing a Friday, which may not be average but it’s the day before the weekend so what the hell, it sounds good to me. I get to the gym around 9 a.m. when I train the two owners of the gym. Afterwards I am pretty much busy with clients till 6 p.m. (other days till 8 or 9 p.m.) with short breaks here and there to eat my food and work on articles, do some research or knock some things of my to do list. This particular Friday I got a training session in with Matt Fields which looked something like this:

Front Squat Clusters

Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball (MFR), Dynamic Mobility

Single Leg Box Jumps  4 x 5/each leg, 8 x 10 yard accelerations (different positions)  

1. Front Squats  (3×2) x 4 cluster sets w/ 245 lbs

EDT - 20 mins

2A). Decline Close Grip Bench Press   x 3 reps   (275 lbs)

2B). Weighted Chin Ups  x  3 reps   (+75 lbs)

3A). Swings   3 x 15 reps   (88 lbs)

3B). Static Lunges  3 x 10 reps/each leg (2 x 75 lbs)

4A). Blast Strap Scarecrows 3 x 12 reps

4B). Sandbag TGU’s 3 x 6/each side   (60 lbs)

4C). MB Throws 3 x 10/each side  (10 lbs)

After the training session I made dinner Gourmer Nutrition style and here is a peak at what was on the menu with a side of extra comments from my wife….

Gourmet Nutrition

If you need a chef you can call me at…. Seriously though, I have never been real diligent at cooking but since I got the Gourmet Nutrition cook book I cook more than my wife does and peopl are actually complimenting my cooking without lying! If you want great tasting nutritious recipes that support your performance and physique goals then this cook book is the way to go.



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