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Part of the reason why this site hasn’t been active is because of the growth (through blood, sweat and tears) of the new gym – the evolution of Hocevar Performance; Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

All of the blog posts and news will now be at www.VigorGroundFitness.com, where I’ve already punched out a couple of articles.

The news site is pretty amazing if I may say so myself and completely represents the character of the gym.

So I’m not going to waste any more of your time. Take your butt over to www.VigorGroundFitness.com and check it out as well as signing up to get my free national bestseller book Fit Formula with a video series going through the program I wrote for the book.

See you there!

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What If There Was A Handbook On How To Become Your Own Hero? http://www.hocevarperformance.com/what-if-there-was-a-handbook-on-how-to-become-your-own-hero/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/what-if-there-was-a-handbook-on-how-to-become-your-own-hero/#comments Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:07:17 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=290

Nuff said

Did the title give away what all this is about?

If not, then can I have a drum roll please……..there IS a hand book on how to be your own hero, more specifically it is A Crash-Course in Building a Badass Body, Getting Your Shit Together, and Living the Life of Your Dreams.

Not only is this book out there. It’s good. Real good!

As far as attention goes, if the bad ass title and headline doesn’t catch your attention, the content definitely should:

  • Defining what you really want out of life then setting a plan to get it
  • Gaining muscle or losing fat without sacrificing your social life
  • Structuring your day to be the most productive
  • Getting out of debt and making good money
  • Having better relationships with friends and family
  • Setting goals that actually get done
  • Letting go of the bullshit, and focusing on things that actually matter

Because it caught my eye, I went through it in one go in less than an hour.

I read a shit ton of books, e-books, manuals, etc. and although there’s a lot of good (even some great) stuff out there, I don’t usually feel like I need to be the guy writing book reviews. But this handbook was different because I felt it related to so many of my thoughts, philosophies (training, life and others) and things I have experienced or am dealing with in my own life (and I guarantee you’re dealing with in yours).

The beauty of it that there is no fluff, I mean none..  It is straight up, great advice of a young, successful “hero” who has learned from his own mistakes and also been smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. It shows you no matter who you are, you can be your own hero (live a better life, get a better body and pay it forward). But in case you don’t have the courage (or should I say cohonas) to take action, this book will still give you actionable steps to fix some issues you may be dealing with whether it is becoming more productive, paying of debt, eating better or training to create your own hero body.

A word of warning though, there are many reality slaps in the Hero Handbook and before you can actually do something you may have to man up and be honest with yourself. Honest about the shit you’re not doing and that you may be a procrastinator, or a member of the “living dead”.

Some of you may go through the handbook and literally find everything useful. I’m not even exaggerating.

For me, the content that made me jot down notes (yes, I take notes from books!), which I will implement asap, was:

- Memento Mori – keeping track of your life (this may be the single most grounding thing you will read)

- Defining your rules and what do you need to live well?

- Outlining your perfect day

- Get rid of your stuff (scary shit!)

- Take control of your morning

- Establish your “power position”

Now that I think about it, this handbook is very closely related to one of chapters in the book that is dedicated to de-cluttering and minimalism as it says a lot with few words.

It’s pretty simple, if you want to improve your life through having a better body, being more productive, being a better friend or having more money and living by your own rules (just some of the reasons), then you need to get this handbook. Any bad things to say about it? I took 5 minutes to think about it and still didn’t come up with anything, so no.

Heroes in the making...

The best part is yet to come though, Nate is giving The Hero Handbook away for FREE.

Just something Nate believes in and so do I, paying it forward…..

To get the Hero Handbook go over here and download the e-book.

For those of you who don’t know Nate (shame on you). Nate Green has been featured in The LA Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and has been a guest on top-ranked radio stations across the US. He’s the author of Built for Show and the book The Hero Handbook. He is 25 years old.

To read more about him, check out his blog.

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2011 Renton Fat Loss Contest – What Will You Do In The Next 8 Weeks? http://www.hocevarperformance.com/2011-renton-fat-loss-contest-what-will-you-do-in-the-next-8-weeks/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/2011-renton-fat-loss-contest-what-will-you-do-in-the-next-8-weeks/#comments Tue, 18 Jan 2011 00:49:37 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=274 What If You Could……

And YOU can!

You definitely won’t find me saying gimmicky stuff and b.s. that you can drop a 100 lbs in 8 weeks and that changing your body is real easy and you can do it by eating whatever you want and training 10 minutes a couple of times a week. And if someone does, you need to question their integrity and have them prove it to you……if they prove it to you then give me their number so I can learn from them.

What I believe in is changing your lifestyle so that when you make a body transformation you can maintain and/or continue to improve on the results that you achieved. What good is it to bust your butt training and taking on a crazy diet for 8-12 weeks (or more/less) only to fall of and gain it all bak in even less time? Positive changes are meant to last and when you start on a path that should be kept in mind.

But why do a transformation contest then?

What I also believe in is that people need a JUMP START – a boost that gets them going and out of the rut. The hardest thing is to start moving the snowball, but once it starts rolling with some momentum, it can’t be stopped. Transformation contests are a great way to get that snowball rolling and get momentum!

The reason that the Hocevar Performance personal training and Renton Results Boot Camp Transformation Contests are such a success, is they help people reach their body transformation goals AND maintain or improve those results. BUT There are certain ingredients that need to go into the success formula of a guaranteed transformation:

1. Great training program (a.k.a. boot camp workouts). The training has to address the primary goal of fat loss and gaining lean muscle but it also has to get people feeling and moving better, which will in essence means addressing their weaknesses, restrictions and problems. There are many fat loss programs that don’t make sense at all as they do not address the weak links (so even though you’re stepping on the gas, you have your foot on the brake – this will lead to injury). Our boot camps base most of the program design on the cardio strength training model, using whole body strength exercises, movement and intensity preceded by a dynamic warm up focusing on tissue quality, flexibility, mobility and activation. We also use different tools to achieve the desired results, from medicine balls, kettllebells, bands, dumbbells, TRX, sandbags, etc.

To give you a glimpse into one of our boot camps, here is a sample training session:

Foam Rolling/Stretching (specific to individuals)

Dynamic Warm Ups (50 second work/10 seconds rest): 1. Squat To Stand   2. 90/90 Static Lunge  3. Push Up Plank + Shoulder Touch 4. Y-T-I 5. Glute Marching  6. High Knees

Boot Camp Workout - 40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest – 6 minutes per station

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3

1. KB Deadlift/Swings      TRX Bodyweight Rows           Dynaball OH Slams

2. Push Up                            Reverse Lunges                        Pause Squat Jumps (3 sec. pause)

3, Band Pull Aparts            Knee To Elbow                         Single Leg Glute Bridges

Finisher: 30-25-20-15 Descending Intervals – Burpees/Mountain Climbers

And they have to be fun and challenging (check both off)….

2. Nutrition Blueprint. This is not a diet plan but rather a lifestyle  nutritional change that will get you great results in the short run but also change the way you eat for the better in the long term. We use Precision Nutrition as our system as it is by far the best lifestyle nutrition system out there. With it we can change dietary habits step by step until you are a new person in a new body, with new habits. We also have some tricks up our sleeve to get the most out of the first 30 days of your contest.

You need a nutritional blueprint....

A quick tip on how to detox and get the most out of the first 30 days: Eliminate all caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, yes, even tea, etc.), Sugar, Processed Food (this list is almost endless….anything canned, tinned, pre-packed, baked, if it has unpronounceable words and numbers on it, etc.) , Wheat (breads, biscuits, pies, cereal, etc.), Dairy (milk, cheese, etc….this can be added back later on), Alcohol (ALL of it!)

To check out a similar 30 day plan that we use in the Renton Results Boot Camp go and check out Dax Moy’s Elimination Diet here.

3. Accountability. If you have no one to answer to it is so much easier to just skip the workout or miss a meal (cheating and missing counts as one and the same). If you have committed to going through something to someone you love and/or respect, especially written out on paper then the human mind automatically becomes thinks accountability and not letting this (or group) down. Both the trainers and fellow members will keep you accountable and focused on your goals.

NOTE: if you haven’t read it yet, check out my goal setting article that includes a checklist of steps to set and achieve your goals HERE

4. Support. This is closely related to the previous point. To be more successful you have to have a support group, whether someone that is coming with you to the boot camp training, a friend or family member that supports you throughout your journey of changing your lifestyle and helping you with nutrition, or just understanding you when you go home early from a friends dinner to get up early and get in some extra cardio.

The truth is the best support is by the people that are in it with you, fighting the battle toward their goals. They understand you and feel what you are going through. Being in a group training environment will always push you to your potential and give you a higher chance of success.

5. RESULTS. At the end of the day  whatever you are dedicating yourself to has to produce results – period! There has to be a proven track record for the training systems/programs and social proof. In this day and age it takes more than just someone’s word.

Hocevar Performance and Renton Results Boot Camp have been the driving force behind hundreds of incredible body transformations, many of them who started “pushing the snowball” with a transformation contest.

Just some of our 8 week results that got the snowball rolling…..

These are just some of the successful transformations in our programs……..the next one could be YOU.

One thing  that I never mentioned that has to precede any of the above points. The most important factor when it comes to achieving things that you set out for yourself – ACTION! If there is no action then nothing happens.

If you are an action taker and you want the next 8 weeks to jump start your year and transform your body, then get started and send an email to my assistant at pam@hocevarperformance.com or call (425) 306-4598.

Where will you be if you don’t do this? What happens then?

No matter what you do, make sure you take ACTION and take control of your life. It is your choice.

]]> http://www.hocevarperformance.com/2011-renton-fat-loss-contest-what-will-you-do-in-the-next-8-weeks/feed/ 1 My 2011 Goals – Training and Professional http://www.hocevarperformance.com/my-2011-goals-training-and-professional/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/my-2011-goals-training-and-professional/#comments Mon, 03 Jan 2011 08:41:40 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=263

Looking to reaching new heights in 2011...

In my last post I talked about a “checklist” of how to go about setting goals. This time I will share some of the goals that I have set in the training/athletic category (this will touch on lifestyle as well) and also some of my professional goals.

I’m definitely not the master of goal setting and I have become better at practicing what I preach by writing my goals out and sharing them with as many people as possible so that I am subconsciously held more accountable. I will also print out all my goals and put them in a couple of very visible places so they smack me in the face every time I start slacking off.

I’ll break this post down into two categories, my athletic/training (as well as some lifestyle) goals will come first and then I will touch on some of my professional goals.


For training if I have to some it up in one sentence….I will become this guy…..

My after picture

BUT to do that there is going to be quite a bit of work. As I have mentioned, in the past 1-2 years I have let nagging injuries turn into some pretty serious issues that I need to fix (Note: this became very clear at Mike Robertson‘s Rehabbing The Low Back and Knee Seminar). Even though I have been training diligently around my troubles and working on them (even setting some PR’s in the process), it is obvious I need to take 1 step back to take 3 steps forward. So here is how I have set out my goals for the following year:

Phase I: Corrective emphasis

In this phase I am going to focus on getting rid of my weaknesses and restrictions as it is the most important thing for me right now to be able to achieve my athletic goals and stay injury free. In this area I have sought the help of a super smart performance coach and fellow Elite Mastermind member Mike Robertson to design me a program and keep me accountable (as well as see the things that I can’t see on myself). I can definitely say that even though I am great at program design for Hocevar Performance clients, I am not the best person to design my own programs because I am not objective at all, and the hard headedness does not help either (this is what usually make me push myself beyond the limit).

This doesn’t mean I will not train hard or that I will get super weak but my goal here is to maintain my strength and performance but acknowledging that great movement and correcting weak links comes first even if I have to suck up some loss of lbs on my lifts, etc.

Phase II: Getting strong as a mofo!

I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near weak but I have this weird standards that resemble what that green guy above in the picture can do. I will post my current bests in the lifts I want to improve (some tested currently and some a while back). This may not even be a 2011 goal but it is a goal I strive for and I have broken it down to smaller goals for months to come after my corrective phase (bold numbers are my goal number, regular font are my current numbers – within the last 3 months):

Bench 335 lbs               375 lbs

Deadlift  (straight bar) 475 lbs               550 lbs

Trap Bar Deadlift 505 lbs               600 lbs

Front Squat 325 lbs               375 lbs

Chin Up + 135 lbs x 2         + 150 lbs x 3

I hit my PR for Sumo DL’s on this day

Like I said, some of those goals reach beyond 2011 but they are set and I have also broke them down into smaller increments in the coming year. There are also some other training numbers I have set out for myself but let me not go into too much overkill here.

Phase III: Specific Sports Performance

This is where I am going to focus on reaching some goals that have I put on the back burner for a while but I’m really motivated to achieve them now that I’m getting closer to my 30th birthday. It’s pretty much my way of saying I’m still a beast and can smash on these 20 year olds, especially on the court. So here it is:

Vertical Jump: 40 inches

40 Yard Dash:   4.4

Pretty good before I started having some nagging injuries

Even though I’m shooting for those numbers, I’m also going to work to get to the peak of my on court athleticism as far as change of direction, speed of jumping, etc. This also has some correlation to some of my professional goals which you will hear about later.

Here are some other goals that are just as important that fit into the athletic/training/lifestyle field:

1). My nutrition. I’m starting the year of with testing out a new nutritional protocol that is going to be put together by another fellow Elite Mastermind member Tyler English, with the focus of getting me down to between 7-8% body fat and maintaining as much of my muscle mass.

Otherwise I will continue to improve my nutritional lifestyle which has overall been very good apart from some things sneaking in these past 3 months (protein bars, energy drinks,…). I’m a big proponent of the Precision Nutrition 90/10 rule but I’m always looking for new ways to improve nutrition that will help my performance, body composition as well as overall health, feeling and well being.

2). Start playing basketball 1-2x a week. This is something I really miss and I have been sporadic with it at best. I’m going to start 1x a week at the beginning of the year when the gym will be super busy and we have more projects and pick it up to 2x a week as the year goes along.

3). More activities in the great outdoors. I am very active as far as being outside and doing things but I miss combining challenges and the great outdoors so I will dedicate more of my time to hiking and weekend or day trips that include physical activities. It is something that I did quite a lot when I was living in Europe and seemed to drop off a bit when I moved to Seattle even though there are so many places to go and be active around here.

I’m also going to focus on getting 5 weekly walks around the park where we live. This is not only to relax my mind but it’s also where I come up with a lot of creative ideas.

4). Getting 7 hours of sleep a night. This may be the hardest but one of the most important for me. For everyone who knows me, you know this is lacking. There isn’t many things more important than sleep and when I get enough I’m always more productive and my mind is clearer. I tend to be a workaholic and night owl BUT I have improved in the last 3 months and will continue to do so. Not only will I work on getting more sleep, I will also make sure I’m getting to bed earlier (sleep before midnight is much more restful than sleep after midnight!)

That being said, sleep is more important than anything else I mentioned above and it’s they key to aging gracefully, maintaining hormonal balance, and having a really high quality of life.

These are the main things I will be focusing on in the area of , although I broke some of them down more specifically on my own goal setting sheet (the more specific the better).


At the end of the year I always look back and try to be as honest with myself as I can when it comes to:

- Things I did real good on and my strong areas (which is what you should constantly be in the forefront)

- The things I need to work on and address

- The things I would be better off cutting out or reducing my time spent on them

- The things I need to spend more time on because they are helping me reach my personal goals faster

This will help me get to the “meat and potatoes” of what needs to go and what I need more off. I am working towards minimalism and the things that produce the most positive affect in my life and career (minimalism is definitely hard for me).

Although it is hard to separate many of the goals I have set for myself apart from my expectations and goals for Hocevar Performance and the Renton Results Boot Camp, I will try to stick to my personal professional goals.

1). The expansion of Hocevar Performance (2.0)

I had to throw it in there because it is the biggest part of everything I do and my number one passion professionaly. The expansion and the move to a new space has been delayed because of some unfortunate situations but it is still the the number one task on my list and something I am working towards full throttle. This will open a lot of new doors for myself as well as the Hocevar Performance Team and most importantly it will allow us to not only better serve our clients but also affect many more people in the most positive way by expanding our programs.

My goal is to have a lease signed by the beginning of February. This has been a long time coming but without deadlines there is no accountability.

2). Seminars and presentations.

This past year I did two seminars/workshops with one being in Slovenia, Europe.

I really enjoy public speaking and I feel like I can relay things so much better when I am able to present my thoughts in front of people rather than in writing. I always like the interaction and seeing how much people get out of the seminars/workshops, especially when I can do hands on demonstrations and address what I am talking about.

Much of the speaking that I am doing in Europe is to fitness professionals which gives me a chance to influence so many more people. If I can help a trainer learn some new methods that they can apply when training their clients and getting them better results, rather than affecting just them I have also affected the people that they will train.

My goal for 2011 is to do three one day seminars, as well as multiple 3-4 hour workshops for our current members.

Hands on with 17 fitness professionals

3). Blogging and articles

In the coming months one of the projects that is high on my to do list is creating another blog site that will be specifically mine separate from the Hocevar Performance blog. The current HP blog will still have high quality content related to performance, training, nutrition, etc. as well as content related to the Renton Results Boot Camp, while my personal blog will be dedicated to fitness, performance training, mindset and self development as well as business building tips, travel, investments, and anything else I feel like talking about.

I will make sure that it is a top level blog that delivers real world information and not some b.s. I’m making up, or something I’ve heard and never done. Part of the reason I am doing it now is because I didn’t feel like I could talk about certain things before (I didn’t walk the walk). One thing I will never do is just sit behind the computer and not be in the trenches doing what I write about.

4). Information Products

The gym is and has been a priority and I am slowly systemizing things as well as having the most incredible team at Hocevar Performance that does a great job and helps me feel relaxed when I leave things in their hands. This will allow me to start working on my first information product within the next 4 months.

This is another area where I can reach a much larger audience and help many more people than I do on a day to day basis at the gym.

I will give you more details on this project sometime soon.

5). Continuing education

This has been high on my list all throughout the years and with Hocevar Performance growing I have been able to invest even more into my education. In 2010 I attended 10 different conference, seminar, workshops or masterminds either relating to training, nutrition or business. These ranged from across the U.S. to Europe and Canada.

In 2011 I will continue to take my education to the next level and attend an even amount of training (or rehab) and business seminars as well as be a member of the top coaching masterminds in fitness. I already have some events that I have circled the dates to attend:

- Chris McCombs Vegas Mastermind

- Elite Mastermind (Pat Rigsby) in Louisvlle

- Perform Better 3 Day Functional Training Summit in Long Beach

- Fitness Business Summit in Anaheim

- Bootcamp Bootcamp Conference in Louisville

- 1 Day Perform Better in Seattle

- Highline CC’s 1 Day Seminar

I’m sure I will be at others once I find out what all is ahead, as well as visiting a couple of top gyms around the country and hanging out to learn as much as possible from some of the top coaches in the world. This way I can combine my love of learning and traveling.

I’m also committing to watching one educational DVD a week and reading 50+ books this year.

In other words, I should never be bored.


Quite a few goals for 2011, especially since there are other I didn’t list and I think everyone should also work on:

- Financial

- Home

- Personal Development

- Lifestyle/Social/Family

Let me know if there is something you would like to see more of on this (or my personal blog that is coming soon)?

Have you set your goals for 2011?

Let me hear them and if you haven’t set them yet then get to it!

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Are You An Action Taker? What Will 2011 Look Like For You? http://www.hocevarperformance.com/are-you-an-action-taker-what-will-2011-look-like-for-you/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/are-you-an-action-taker-what-will-2011-look-like-for-you/#comments Thu, 16 Dec 2010 04:06:02 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=252

What does your list say? Same thing as last year?

Aaaahhhhh, those questions again!

Around about now I know there are a lot of people telling themselves what they will do in 2011. Not writing it down or sharing it with people mind you, they’re just saying it to themselves in their head. Did you tell yourself the same things last year and nothing changed? This year will be no different if you do not outline some new strategies on which you can act and take action.

See, I don’t really like New Years resolutions because they’re bullshit most of the time. You can look at the stats and they will confirm that (most people fall of the path to their resolutions by week 3!). The fact that most people wait till the new year to take action on certain goals says enough alone.

I’ll give you an example. I had a conversation with a colleague of mine in September and he said he was tired of the way he felt and looked and he is ready to do something about it……in January. Huh?! Is it just me or does waiting 4 months to do something you are “ready” to do sound crazy? But that is how most new years resolutions look like, they’re goals that keep getting delayed. The chances of success don’t go up because it is another year and January, the chances of success will go up when you get your mind right, outline strategies that will lead you from point A to point B and take ACTION.

I’m not saying to make goals for the next year and go after them.

At the end of each year I reflect on the past year and look at what I have achieved, what I need to improve on, as well as set goals for the next year. When I do this, I write the goals out on paper. Remember, goals that are not written out are just wishes. After I write them out, I also put down what action steps I need to take to achieve these goals (these steps should be as specific as possible).

Let’s dig even deeper. I will give you the goal setting steps that you can put into action (that word again!) and make 2011 or any year after that more successful than you could have imagined. This are some real ninja tactics so drink some Spike and focus when you read this…..and then do something real nuts – act on it! Here are the 3 reasons why you should set your goals in the first place:

It's only ninja if you apply it...

1.  Know the “Why” before you get focused on the “How”. If you know “Why,” you’ll figure out “How.” If the “Why” is big enough, the “How” is easy. Conversely, if “Why” is not identified or significant, then any level of difficulty in the “How” will be enough to defeat you.

I see this all the time. People just want to get in shape but do not really sit down and face themselves (honestly) to determine why they want to reach a certain goal. Whenever it gets really hard and you feel like quitting (it happens to all of us), you have to have a big enough “Why” that will keep you going. Whether the “Why” is because you feel horrible and want to take your life back, you want to get your confidence back and start dating, you just want to make your friends jealous of you, or maybe you want to become the beastliest athlete on the field and show your coach you CAN make it to college on a scholarship, really doesn’t matter as long as that is the “Why” that burns the fire deep within.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

2. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. The world is goal-oriented. An airplane needs to have a destination set in order to design a flight plan to reach it. When you get in your car, you have to know where you want to end up before you even pull out of the driveway.

Set yourself up for success by being specific with what you want to achieve and when. Then you can break it down into smaller more achievable goals, basically working backwards from the end goal. Example, in the next 6 months (24 weeks) you would like to drop 40 lbs and 15% body fat. Once you break the goal down you will see that to accomplish this you need to lose around 7 lbs and 2% body fat a month, which is around 1.7 lbs and 0.5% body fat a week. This seems much more achievable and that way you can feel the success of achieving each small goal (this is great for the mindset as it builds a success mindset and confidence).

You should also write down the strategies that will help you achieve these goals. For instance:

1. Prepare your meals for the week on a Sunday

2. Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day.

3. Cut down on refined carbs, sugars and starches.

4. Join a gym/hire a trainer/join a boot camp.

5. Get 3 one hour workouts in each week.


This way you can constantly track to see where you can improve and you can assess what changes will improve your results.

3. For what it makes of you.

Set big goals that challenge you to ignite the great potential that lies within you— to become the person you were meant to. As much as I believe in setting achievable goals, I also feel that we should challenge ourselves and push our comfort zones. There really is no limit to what you can achieve. Really (did I say that already?)!

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” ~ Jim Rohn

Ok, now that we know why we’re setting goals and we have the “Why”, it’s time to give you the 7 point goal setting checklist. You are going to come back throughout time to make sure you’re establishing objectives with the following guidelines in mind. Without me trying to sound too smart, it just something that will keep you in check and make sure you are doing the things that will get you where you want to go.

1. Don’t just think it – INK IT.

We already mentioned this – which means it’s real important!

Unless you write down your goals, they are often lost in the shuffle and excitement of life, new problems, challenges, and decisions. Eliminate outside interruptions. When we write things down they become more real and it’s an action step that sets things in motion.

2. Suspend reality

Don’t filter, qualify, or judge. In the beginning, don’t factor in experience, resources, or ability. Let the giant that lays sleeping inside you out to play. If you had every skill, resource, or ability in the world, what would you do and what would you set out to accomplish? I constantly hear people start their goal setting with negative thoughts, “Well, I can’t do this because I’m too old”, “I’ve had kids so that’s not possible but….”

Don’t worry, you are not committing yourself; you are simply playing a game and scratching ink on paper. During the process, let it flow. Later on you can set it in stone as far as the “precise” goals you want to reach (and guess what, during the process those may change….just make sure you ink them).

3. Think BIG

You can’t achieve great things with average goals. Think BIG.

What is your BFG? That stands for your Big Freaking (I change that word just a bit) Goal. What is that one thing that it makes your palms sweat a little whenever you think of it? You should set these types of goals for yourself. The magic is breaking them down into smaller goals that seem more achievable and reaching them, creating a success mindset.

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” ~ Michelangelo

4. State in the positive

This is so powerful and one of the main things you have to train yourself to apply day in and day out.

Decide what you want to move toward, not away from. Focusing on your problems will only bring more of them into your life, so be conscious of the phrasing you use to define your goals and objectives.

14Examples: “I am at my ideal weight of X pounds by X (date)” versus “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Or, “I have a positive net worth of X by X (date)” versus “I want to get out of debt.”

You are if you declare=

5. State in the “I AM”

This builds on the previous point and is just as important.

State your goals in the present first person. I am X versus I want X. The latter only reinforces just that—the wanting versus the having. If you write a goal like “I want to be worth millions,” your creative energy will only produce exactly more of that outcome—the “wanting.” If you say, “I am worth millions by X (date),” then your creative power will go to work producing what you have declared to be.

So what are you declaring? Pick up that pen…..

6. Be sure your goals are YOUR goals

Many people set goals that they think they “should” have rather than what they truly want for themselves. Don’t let the goals or expectations of your family, colleagues, or society dictate your what you should set as your path. In fact, if your written goals are not from your true heart and YOUR ambitions, your creative spirit will not work to produce them anyway. All it will do is frustrate you and give you the illusion that you are a failure and not capable, when in actuality you successfully avoided (didn’t achieve) what your inner spirit didn’t really want anyway. That’s deep and it’s real…….remember that!

7. Make sure your goals align with your core values

Some goals aren’t worth going for. Every promise has a price. It is important to be sure you don’t sacrifice your core values to pay for the acquisition of a promise less worthy. Goals must fit your own values, standards, and desires. If they do not meet your needs, you will find it impossible to remain interested or involved in them.

The truth is that  if you are honest with yourself, the things you are really striving for, from the heart, will be aligned with your core values.

You have the steps to successfully set your goals and achieve more than you ever had in 2011. Don’t wait, start the process of goal setting NOW! Your choices will determine what your life will be like so take action on the things you want to achieve.

If you don’t feel YOU in your body and your goal is to change it through fitness, whether it’s losing 30 lbs of fat and getting a flat stomach, feeling confident and sexy to wear the swimsuit you haven’t wore in 10 years, or getting ripped and  ready for the most grueling challenges life will throw at you then find experts that will help you with step by step system to your results, keep you accountable and motivated and guarantee you results then turn to Hocevar Performance and the Renton Results Boot Camp, voted TOP 3 in Best of Western Washington Personal Trainers as well as the most results driven in Seattle and South King County.

The one thing I don’t want you to do is read this blog post and then not do anything. Knowledge is nothing without action. So get to work!

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Switch: How Can Getting Injured Be Good For You? http://www.hocevarperformance.com/switch-how-can-getting-injured-be-good-for-you/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/switch-how-can-getting-injured-be-good-for-you/#comments Tue, 16 Nov 2010 03:46:11 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=247
How can this be good?

How can this be good?

If you asked me this question a couple of years ago, I would look at you sideways and maybe even attempt to give you the backhand smack.

There is no situation where being injured can be good for you!

Right? Or is there?

Before I move on, I encourage you to read Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard (Chip and Dan Heath) which is a book that got me thinking and looking at things differently. I t allowed me to look at some negative situations from a positive outlook, being able to see what good can come out of it. Powerful stuff!

First off, I suck at being injured! I can be sour a lot of the time and not that nice to be around. I’m a hyper person, so taking away my ability to do what I want when I want to (a.k.a. restrictions) made me anxious and irritable.

I used to be that way anyway. This time around it has been different.

I started looking at the injury as a way of being able to learn and figure out what is wrong with me, how to address it, assess the same issues in my clients and fix them (or refer out when necessary), creating the 2.0 version of anyone that had to deal with it. It almost became an obsession and another journey seeking knowledge about the human body. It has also made me more aware of my body than ever before, I know when things are right or wrong with my posture, muscles aren’t activated, etc.

What was it that started this whole thought process?

It started as a adductor issue and started turning into symptoms of sports hernia, at least that’s what I thought after reading everything possible on it (an I think my brother just having surgery for the hernia didn’t help). I kept training through it though and going to A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy) which kept it from getting worse as well as making it feel better short term. And most importantly I could still train. On a separate note, Active Release Therapy is a very powerful tool when it comes to injuries and can be an incredible help with injuries (in all reality any manual therapy where there practitioner is great will work…..there are many methods that work, who is applying it is the most important).

A clip from a news segment showing ART (Active Release Techniques)

It then got to a point where the inflammation in my groin was just too much and I had to seek help and get the answers I was looking for. I went to the doctor only to diagnose it was probably not a sports hernia – yet (when it comes to these things I only see doctors in my referral network as I don’t trust anyone else). From there on I started doing physical therapy with one of the top PT’s in Washington State Ken Cole (Olympic Physical Therapy), This was one of the best moves I could have made, not only from the standpoint of getting myself better but also from a learning standpoint.

We realized I had many compensations from previous nagging injuries (some bigger, some smaller) which created faulty movement patterns and shut certain muscles down, creating a greater load on some other muscles. When it comes to spotting things like this on myself, I’m not very good, mostly because I don’t want to see them and I can train through anything. This was my mentality which has proven to be incorrect.

Being a “patient” has proven to be more educational than I have ever thought as I have studied every single thing I learned about my situation and my issues and it has become a journey taking me deeper into the studies of the human body and techniques to finding causes of issues as well strategies and applications to fixing them . I’m getting better at knowing when to apply certain tests as well as possible solutions, not to mention refer out and then work together with the right professional to get the client feeling better and to their goals as soon as possible.

It has also expanded my knowledge in other fields that I previously did’t know much about and now see how helpful they can be. The excitement of being able to study these new strategies has almost made me forget that I had issues. Almost.

And finally, I have been able to use some of the things I have learned in a performance application rather than just as a rehab protocol. It is great when you can take a technique and apply it into areas you never primarily thought you could. I have started using some activation and neurological training techniques and plugging them into our protocols such as warm ups and even in between sets of speed lifts and heavy lifts.

This is a little more advanced drill and I would use a regression depending on the client/athlete but a great tool none the less

Even though I’m not a 100% yet, my training has taken a real jump in the positive direction and I have hit some personal records or just have hit numbers that I haven’t hit in years all with the help of this new knowledge. Knowledge and learning that I acquired after something negative happened to me. So next time you have a negative thing happen in your life, switch your perspective and look at what positive things you can get out of it. It’s not easy but it will work wonders for you because then you can start doing it more and more.

Just to make myself feel a little better, I’m going to post some lifts (one of them matched a PR) I got in while visiting the Vigor Ground gym in Slovenia. Not surprisingly, I applied all of the new techniques before and during the training session.

I hit a pretty easy 450 lbs that day :)

I haven’t hit that in years!

You can apply this type of thinking in ANY situation. So switch your thought process any time a negative thing happens and start looking at the situation from a different perspective. It may not be as bad you think!

What situation can you apply this to in your life right now?

]]> http://www.hocevarperformance.com/switch-how-can-getting-injured-be-good-for-you/feed/ 4 What Type Of Fat Loss Transformation Can You Make in 10 Weeks? http://www.hocevarperformance.com/what-type-of-fat-loss-transformation-can-you-make-in-10-weeks/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/what-type-of-fat-loss-transformation-can-you-make-in-10-weeks/#comments Thu, 07 Oct 2010 08:56:48 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=237

Rebekah Winning Her Group!

Rebekah Winning Her Group!

Can’t stop, want stop!

A trait of all successful people is, that even when faced with obstacles big or small they keep on moving and conquer their fears. They see the opportunity in the crisis.

Everyone can become that person. You do have to make a choice though. You have to make a choice that you will succeed.

Yes, it’s that simple………far from easy but simple non the less.

“The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.” Epictetus

Rebekah Baker sat down with me 10 weeks ago for a fitness consultation and said that she wanted to be on stage for a figure competition, just to see if she could do it and get back into modeling. Fitness modeling to be more precise. Her eyes told me she made a choice that she will be successful.

There was some doubt  though because she had trainers before and didn’t get the results she was looking for.

I was honest, I don’t really train figure competitors. This worried her a bit as she was talking to some other people that are strictly involved in the bodybuilding and figure community. They recommended to train with them as no one knew me and I wouldn’t know much about the nutrition, as well as many other reasons why she should go with them and not me.

My response: “I know my shit and whatever I don’t know I will find out, on top of that you will also be able to kick all the the other competitors asses because we train like athletes.” I don’t know if that was it word for word but then my memory is so so these days.

Rebekah took a leap of faith and started training with me.

The beginnings were hard....

The beginnings were hard....

Before we move on it’s important to say that at that point in time Rebekah hadn’t touched a weight in 2 years, she has 4 beautiful kids and limited time to train (so 2 hour daily sessions are out of the question), people telling her there’s no way she can lose the belly fay because of the kids and a number of other “reasons” that people would call “excuses” not to start. She just used it as motivation and went to work.

“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.” Alexander Graham Bell

I haven’t mentioned one thin about training yet. Hhhmmm, I wonder why?

Because your mindset is the one that has to be set to be successful. Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions and actions create results! There is no training and nutrition strategy that will work when you haven’t set your mind for success.

So what did our training consist of?

We had 2 semi private training sessions a week which lasted between 45-60 minutes (depending on the program). We split the training session into segments:

- Dynamic Warm Ups/Activation

- Reactive/Plyo/Speed Training (if and when we did it….remember we’re training fro the show and the go)

- Strength and/or hypertrophy (we had different phases)

- Cardio Strength Training (Metabolic Training) which was based on intervals, circuits and EDT (escalating density training)

If you walked into the gym and seen Rebekah training you would see a lot the things we do with our athletes. We did make certain changes that would focus on the requirements of figure such as building Rebekah’s shoulders up to give her a certain look as her back has a great V-shape.

Actually, let me write out one of her training sessions to give you a better idea:

Foam Roll, Static Stretch Hip Flexors and ay other tight areas

Dynamic Warm Ups: OH Lunges x 8/each leg, Side Moving Lunges x 8/each leg , Inchworms x 10, Spiderman Lunges w/ Thoracic Extension x 5/each side, Squat To Stand x 8, Band Pull Aparts x 10, Band Dislocations x 10, Wide Mountain Climbers x 5/each side, Hip Flexor Activation Hold x 15 sec./side

Yes, the warm ups are thorough and we go through them at a fast pace…they really do warm you up and get you ready for a serious training session (as well as addressing postural issues, weaknesses, etc.)

Speed/Power: 1A). Box Jumps  3 sets x 6 reps

1B). Dynaball Explosive Chest Throws  3 sets x 6 reps

Strength/Hypertrophy: 2A). Trab Bar Deadlift   4 sets x 5 reps

2B).  Barbell Military Press  4 sets x 6 reps   (4 second negative – perfect posture)

90 second breaks between supersets (almost no break between the exercises)

3A). Offset KB Reverse Lunge    3 set x 8 reps/each side

3B).  Chin Ups    3 sets x 5 reps   (yeah, chin ups!)

3C).  Push Ups  3 sets x max. (only perfect form counts)

60 seconds break after the tri-set (very little break between exercises)

Metabolic Conditioning: 20 seonds of work/20 seconds of rest – Interval Training (8 minutes total)

Alternate between the following exercises:

1. Kettlebell Swings

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Dynaball Slams

4. Prowler Pushes

Cool Down: Foam roll, stretch and pray that you made it :)

She also did 1-2 boot camp sessions a week. These last between 35-40 minutes and are interval training and density training based. Her other “task” was doing interval sprints and hurricane training 3x a week on her own (lasting between 15-25 minutes max.).

Some of Rebekah’s metabolic conditioning in a boot camp setting

All together there was around 5 hours of training a week, no more. Some people don’t believe that such results can be achieved while training less than 5 hours a week BUT they can! If the dedication, motivation, hard work and compliance fall in place with a great program, nutrition and recovery, amazing things can happen. One of the things we talked about was implementing training that could be maintained as a lifestyle instead of taking over her life.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

A huge component  of the journey was the nutritional part. Rebekah had pretty good eating habits BUT they did not match the goals she wanted to achieve.

Since we started the first phase of nutrition by cutting out all processed carbs, sugars, even dairy and fruit for a phase of 3 weeks it became apparent how “different” her previous nutrition was. Realization is the first step. After 3 weeks on phase 1, we switched over a natural carb cycling model where we would manipulate carbs depending on levels of activity/training. This worked to the T and the results were getting accelerated as the weeks went by. We didn’t count calories at any point in time! I’m not saying this is always the way to go but it is preferred and if I know I have great compliance I will always take this route as it teaches the “lifestyle” eating.

If I have someone not progressing like I would like them to then we track, assess and correct. Different strategies for different individuals.

Rebekah’s compliance was very good and I could even track what she was eating by the pictures she posted. We kept constant communication to stay on point and make any necessary changes.

Pictures say a 1000 words...

Pictures say a 1000 words...

The final week before the competition there was quite a bit of research put into the process as I haven’t trained figure competitors in the past. I get freakishly geeky when it comes to this as I don’t like leaving to much to chance. We made a plan that would include cutting all carbs, sodium loading, water loading and then strategically cutting water, sodium and adding carbs at the right time. The peak came exactly at the right time and the end result was going from….




Mother of 4 kids!

Mother of 4 kids!

A vision, dream, dedication, fire, action and commitment……. a win in the first figure competition she ever entered!

Impossible is nothing.

This is only the beginning of an amazing journey……

Happy and proud

Happy and proud

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Mario Andretti

What is your dream? What do you constantly think about achieving but then convince yourself that it’s not possible, someone discourages you or tries to put you down?

Don’t let someone else live your life while you watch it pass by. Ready, fire, aim. Take action and MAKE it happen!

I hope this post inspired you to pursue your dreams.

A really important action is to tell people about your goals so you are held accountable. Post your goals in the comment section below and an action step that will put you on a path to them.

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How To Take A Basketball Player From Intramural To All Star Performance: Part 1 http://www.hocevarperformance.com/how-to-take-a-basketball-player-from-intramural-to-all-star-performance-part-1/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/how-to-take-a-basketball-player-from-intramural-to-all-star-performance-part-1/#comments Thu, 30 Sep 2010 23:27:31 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=222 This post will be a longer post……if you don’t want to get better and don’t give a s@*t if THIS happens to you…

My name is Freddy and I DIDN'T work on my performance

My name is Freddy and I DIDN'T work on my performance

Then DON’T read this!

How many basketball players out there are frustrated with their level of performance?

How many are sitting on the bench a lot more than they would like to?

Maybe it’s the fact that you’re getting blown by, dunked on and dominated on defense?

I’ve felt every one of the above!

I even gave myself the whole “must be the genetics” talk. But it was just a cop out!

A large part of my life was (and still is) dedicated to basketball. I played from as young as I can remember and started going to basketball schools as well as joining a junior team by  the time I was 11. From there I played through high school at the highest levels, got a college scholarship and started 4 years, the later on played professional ball in Europe, not to mention countless street ball tournaments and just cutting short of winning the Nike Battlegrounds Slovenia. I also played in the NBA Summer Pro League 5 years ago before completely dedicating myself to strength and conditioning.





If I am real honest, I was far from a physical specimen growing up. I played tons of sports and was always active and participated in competitive events but I wasn’t the stud. I did well because I was so driven. When I started playing basketball I did ok but always seemed like I couldn’t keep up with a lot of the players physically (not on the level I wanted to play on that is).

A lot of that changed when I turned around 15 or 16 years old and started lifting weights. My mom had opened up a small gym where she worked the other part of the day after she came from her first job. I started hanging out there and lifting weights with some of the guys showing me what to do. I loved it and after a while I started noticing my strength training carried over onto the court where I could now hang with the other players and even dominate them in certain areas as I was just stronger than them.

This made me realize, strength training is great for sport (many coaches preached, as they still do nowadays, that lifting weights will make you slow)!

Strength and performance training can be such a huge “x” factor, that for someone like me it changed the whole game.

Now, before we move on, let me start by saying if you suck at basketball and you become a “performance beast” through training, you will still suck at basketball! I spent countless hours in the gym working on my skills and some more countless hours playing the game and being coached by some of the top coaches.

basketball FAIL2

Read the book Outliers and it will give you a good idea of how many hours are needed to be truly good at something (hint, hint 10,000….and that’s just the start).

But if your skills are close to that of another player (you may even be a little worse skill wise) and you are much better performance wise, you will dominate. I think that says a lot about how big a factor performance training is!

Never stop improving your basketball skill level and your basketball game (you will know what I mean here if you know that some people are “practice players” while others are “game time” players). But before I move into the performance training (the meat and potatoes) part of this post, I do want to give you some pointers on skill training and improving your basketball game:

- Quality over quantity! Let me repeat that, quality over quantity. When you go into the gym, how many times do you see guys hanging out and shooting around, doing AND1 moves and other craziness that’s not effective, for hours? Then they tell you they have been working on their game for hours that day. Maybe 10 of those minutes where productive. Maybe.

When you come to work on your skills you have to have a laser like focus. What are you going to work on that day (are you just winging it and then end up playing 21 with some people that are not making you better)? When you have it figured out, then work on the quality of what you’re doing before you increase the intensity or the quantity.

If you can’t make 8-10 out of 10 jumpers when no one is guarding you, then figure out what you’re doing wrong and fix it (whether that may be breaking down your shot and reconstructing it, or just making minor changes like squaring up when you shoot). When you improve it, then increase the speed, difficulty (off the dribble, coming of a screen, hand in your face) and number of shots you put up. If you tell me you put up a 1000 shots today and you missed 800, then what you’re doing is practicing to get better at missing shots!

I’m not saying putting in hours of work doesn’t help. Just don’t b.s yourself about what you’re really doing. An hour of real laser focused skill training can be way more productive than 4 hours of  ”pretending you’re getting better.”

- NOT Playing Basketball Year Round,Everywhere and Anytime. I have been through that gauntlet and I can tell you that I did not get as much out of it as I thought, a lot of injuries and frustrations though.

I think this is a current issue from middle school to high school (and even in college athletes). Players will play year round, playing with their team as well as open gyms, street ball tournaments, AAU all summer, etc. They’re playing so much they never have time to get better! Did that sound strange to you? You may be thinking “but I’m getting better playing all the time.”

How much of the time are you playing basketball on a really high level? So your game is perfect and you are constantly practicing perfection in a game situation?

You have to practice skills and make them better THEN when you have improved, you start implementing them into game situations. If I throw you in the fire and your post moves suck, you won’t learn to become a better post player in a game because you will constantly get dominated and/or make moves that are inefficient and not productive. So you will either get frustrated and quit or learn how to repeat crappy moves.

Sometimes it makes more sense putting it in another context. What if you wanted to do MMA (mixed martial arts) and you just sparred or did fights all the time without working on the skill and breaking it down so you get efficient at the movements and situations you could be in? Well, easy answer, you would keep getting beat up, chocked our or knocked the f@*k out!

So I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t do it MMA……but we keep doing it in basketball.

jackson-rampage-fights-skill-knockoutSometime I feel this would be needed to get the point across….

The other thing I mentioned is that when you play year round in everything , much of the time you will play against sub-par competition or people that don’t play competitive basketball. This will bring the level of your play down or ingrain a lot of bad habits (playing against street ball players all day…..remember the only AND1 guy that ever made it to the league was Rafer Alston a.k.a. Skip To My Lou and he went to college!)

I experienced this first hand when I started playing in certain tournaments and doing a ton of “tricks” and getting good at showboating only to get a reality check when I started playing with the pros.

If you’re playing a lot of street ball, open gym with low level players, 3 on 3 tournaments, how do you get your basketball IQ up?

Just answer that for yourself.

- You Can’t Be In A Fatigued State Trying To Improve A Skill – When you work on improving a certain skill or adding a new skill, you have to be fresh and focused when working on it. As you start getting better at it and then mastering it, you can add speed, fatigue and a bunch of other factors. Most people throw that out of the window and end up playing a bunch of open gym, then working on their moves when they’re worn out, making the quality of the moves very low and engraining that into the system. Great, now you are becoming better at a “crappy crossover” that will only cross over one person, and that’s you.

If you have never done a figure 8 in between the leg drill with a basketball and you want to improve your ball handling by adding that drill into your routine, and I asked you to do a couple of suicides before doing the drill, wouldn’t it be real hard to do it since you could barely breathe? The quality would be low and you couldn’t improve in the skill as fast as you would when you would do it fresh and focused. After you got better at the drill you could add complexity to carry it over into a game situation.

Trust me this guy started fresh, focused and built up to being so proficient in ball handling…

- If You’re Constantly Playing, When Do You Get The Time To Get More Explosive, Faster, Stronger And More Conditioned?Since we covered quite a bit, we’re gonna have to split this article into 2 parts and cover the performance training part in part 2 of the series……

Strength training works...

Strength training works...

Think about what I wrote and ask yourself if you’re serious about becoming better (much better) at basketball, taking to the next level whether that is high school first team, college scholarship, pro’s. Everything is possible no matter where you are but not if you are constantly shooting yourself in the foot. Learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of some of the greatest basketball players in the world and commit to fulfilling your potential with hard work AND knowledge (doing things the right way).

Let me know some other mistakes you see when it comes to the principle of basketball skill training. Comment on it below and I’ll go over it in another article/post.

http://www.hocevarperformance.com/how-to-take-a-basketball-player-from-intramural-to-all-star-performance-part-1/feed/ 2
Creating A Complete Training Session in 30 Minutes http://www.hocevarperformance.com/creating-a-complete-training-session-in-30-minutes/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/creating-a-complete-training-session-in-30-minutes/#comments Thu, 09 Sep 2010 20:36:57 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=211
Some people really are that busy...

Some people really are that busy...

I used to think training sessions last as long as it takes to get them done.

I thought my program design was effective and efficient and would cover all the bases in a short amount of time. Whatever short meant to me that is.

Then came along a number of busy professionals who wanted to get in 30 minute training sessions (I never thought anyone could be that busy, I realize now even with my own crazy schedule sometime it is possible), no more, period!  They also wanted to have the best of everything: mobility, tissue quality, explosiveness, strength, muscle building, conditioning, fat loss, a new wife/husband, etc.

It’s almost easier to hook them up with a new wife/husband than get all that achieved in 30 minutes!

This is gonna take some Harry Potter type stuff, so I’m throwing all the ingredients in the cauldron and cooking them up:

- 3 ounces of Tissue Quality

- 1 lb of Mobility

- 2 tbs of ExplosivenessSAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

- 1 lb of Strength

- 5 lbs of Metabolic Conditioning

- a pinch of Mental Toughness

Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes with the temperature set at “hot as hell”….. sprinkle some added Hocevar Performance magic and…VOILA!

Cooking up a great 30 minute training session

Cooking up a great 30 minute training session

And here’s something I made a little earlier…..

Tissue Quality (5 mins) – this is one thing I will negotiate with the client with, to come in 5 minutes or so earlier so they can get their foam rolling in before they start the session. Sometimes it works at times it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I still make them do it and turn the clock back so they still think they’re on time – that’s how important it is!

Dynamic Warm Ups (5 mins) – these will be done non stop to raise body temperature and address mobility, activation, central nervous system excitement

Below is a sample lower body warm up lasting 7+ minutes and is very thorough. For our session we would cut it down to 5 and make it a full body warm up. This will give you a good idea of the tempo and some exercises…

Strength + RFD/Reactivity (10-12 minutes) – we use different rep schemes and exercises. Here is an example of one of our client’s programs.

1A). Trap Bar Deadlift  x 5/3/1 or more

every set immediately followed by 5 box jumps (or some other explosive/RFD/reactive movement)

1B). Log Clean and Press x 5/3/1 or more

NOTE:  We superset these movements almost back to back and take a minimal break in between the superset. This allows us to not only cut down the training session but also create more of a metabolic effect. We will adjust the percentages of the weights if the short breaks hinder strength (which we haven’t found to be the case)

Metabolic Strength Training: EDT – Escalating Density Training (8 minutes) - do as much work in the allotted amount of time with the given exercises and rep scheme and challenge yourself to improve every week on the given training days.

Dumbell Reverse Lunges x 10/each side

Bodyweight Rows x 10

Swings x 15

TRX Push Ups x 10

NOTE:  We will change EDT with intervals, circuits, complexes and combos. It all falls within what we are trying to accomplish but the clients assessment will determine what we will include in the program, how much and when.

Finishers (5 minutes) – we will change this up to keep it fun and challenging, from tabata’s, leg matrix’s, Training For Warriors challenges, etc.

This time the program called for 15 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest for 5 minutes (10 rounds), alternating between the following exercises:

1. Prowler high/low

2. Dynaball Slams

3. Spiderman Push Ups

4. Battling Ropes

Another finisher that is pretty brutal and doesn’t take much time is Prowler Suicides…

Repeat as prescribed :)

I’m not saying this is an optimal training session, what I am saying is that it is an optimal 30 minute training session and there is a need for it. I never want to hear you can’t train with 30 minutes (or less!).

The above is real training that we perform at Hocevar Performance for some of our 30 minute semi private training sessions. The tempo is pretty crazy and the rest breaks are not as prescribed by the “books” BUT the improvements in body composition, movement, speed, strength, conditioning and feeling in our clients is real and undeniable!

Dennis Williams before:after (before)

Dennis Williams before:after

I will be shooting a video of one of our 30 minute sessions so you can see the tempo, intensity, etc.

In the meantime, put yourself through one of these sessions so you know how it feels and you will understand how 30 minutes can be more than enough time to DO WORK!

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Excuses – Just Say No! http://www.hocevarperformance.com/excuses-just-say-no/ http://www.hocevarperformance.com/excuses-just-say-no/#comments Wed, 25 Aug 2010 08:34:07 +0000 Luka Hocevar http://www.hocevarperformance.com/?p=204 You ever ask yourself “why do I complain so much?”

You should!

I have, and it reminds me to re-program my brain and stop making excuses. Every one does it, it’s just that some people do it more than others AND some actually take action in spite of having the “excuse”. The one’s that do are the people that are successful, whether in training, life, business, relationships…. or dodge ball (if that’s your fancy).

Whenever you feel sorry for yourself, find inspiration in others that could have many more excuses than you but decide they will not be defined by them.

I started thinking about this as I was sent a link to an article about this years CAF Inaugural Paratriathlete Camp, which invited and sponsored one of our Renton Results boot camp members Tony Smith.

Tony is the tallest of the crew, as are his achievements!

Tony is the tallest of the crew, as are his achievements!

Tony lost a leg in a car accident but you can’t notice because he kicks so much ass!

We ran a transformation contest in January of this year and Tony signed up through some friends that already trained at Hocevar Performance. From the get go, he never made any excuses and attended all the extra training, changed his nutrition and busted his butt day in and day out to finish in 3rd place, losing over 30 lbs in 8 weeks and not only completely changing his body composition but also his performance.

Only a part of Tony in the second picture...

Only a part of Tony in the second picture...

Tony didn’t stop there, as he dove into training for triathlons more specifically which ended with his invitation and sponsorship to CAF camp.

How you do anything is how you do everything! That’s why Tony has been successful…..

Making excuses in training probably means you make excuses in other areas of life as well. Re-program your mind. Thoughts create feeling, feelings create actions and actions create results. Look at others that choose to take their excuses, (dis)abilities and turn them into strengths, actions and results!

Here is another story I can’t continue without presenting to you. If you’ve never heard of Kyle Maynard then check this out…

Now, what’s your excuse again?!

Think about that for a minute and remember this story the next time you decide to convince yourself you can’t do something or choose not to continue doing something that is “hard”.

On another note.

Since we’re talking about people who kick ass, let’s also check out MY ass getting kicked at the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach. This is world renowned strength coach Robert Dos Remedios Cardio Strength Training hands on session, which always ends up being a slaughter house (that’s if you really push it like you’re supposed to!).

I made sure I was in the group with other crazy mofo’s Rob English, Will Fleming and Hocevar Performance team member Albert Park, to make sure I wouldn’t slack! So check us out if it makes you feel any better…..

In the words of Dos: DO WORK!!!!

The 15/15 power intervals for 5 minutes…

And the 20/10 Tabata

Nothing better than getting out of your comfort zone, surrounding yourself by other motivated individuals and taking it to the next level.

No love lost, after getting smashed, got a drink...

No love lost, after getting smashed, got a drink...

If you’re on a mission to get ripped, boost your performance or take your athletes conditioning to the next level, then you should check out Dos’ crazy conditioning methods at his new membership site CoachDos.com

Now go take some action and stop making excuses.

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