I am trying to reintroduce sleep back into my life as there hasn’t been much in the past 6 weeks. The day just doesn’t have enough hours with all the things that are on my to do list. I have been delegating but it’s still crazy. I would love to believe that it will get calmer soon but I know that’s not the case.

As the Hocevar Performance Gym is getting busier and I am still training a lot of hours at Vision Quest, running a business, there is little (that would mean none) time for much R & R.  There has been a ton of good things happening though and that makes me foregt about being tired and rejuvenates my spirit (yes I said spirit!). Here is a bunch of different things that has been going on that I wanted to mention, from the new look of the Hocevar Performance Gym to some transformation pics of our athletes. Here goes in no particular order:

- We had some local graffiti artists come in and do a great job with the gym as it definitely added some charachter and changed the atmosphere. Instead of explaining it I’m going to show some pics and a video tour that I did since the gym has changed quite a bit from the last time I showed it to you.

                                         Hocevar Performance art

Can’t not bust your ass in an enviroment like that!      

                                         Hocevar Performance Gym


                                             Hocevar Performance Gym 

                                             Seattle Underground Training Gym

If you like the art work and you could you use a spice up of your gym, office, room, or whatever else you can spray on, then look into hiring these guys because thay are super talented and your place will simply look better! You can check out some more of their work on this site. Thanks again guys!

- Hocevar Performance Athlete Carlos Singer has been stepping up and killing it for the Hardin Simmons Cowboys down in Texas. His junior year has been a pleasure to follow and he allready has his eye on improving and training at the Hocevar Performance Gym in the off season. He knowswhat he needs to do and he is going to put in the time, hard work to get better. Many athletes want to take short cuts but at the same time they want to be the best they can be. That equation doesn’t go whichever way you look at it. I guarantee you Carlos is going to bust his ass this summer and come back better, giving him that look at the pro’s. You can even ask Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson, featured in the picture below) who still holds some of the scoring records at LSU and was one of the top shooters in the NBA (the quickest jump shot I’ve ever seen)

                                                Mahmoud Abdul Rauf/Carlos Singer       

Mahmoud and Carlos

                                                            Carlos Singer - Hocevar Performance

               Carlos in action

I was just looking at the stats and you got to give to the kid. He is efficient and effective. But you can always get better……………..see you at the gym in May Los!

FGM-FGA  FG% 3PM-3PA    3P%        FTM-FTA      FT%                     PTS        PPG     MIN
53-103     .515   24-54     .444         29-35        .829                     159       14.5    18.8

 - Hocevar Performance is joining forces with Andrea U-Shi Chang (Kettlebility) to start implementing some Z-Health techniques with our athletes (you have to continuously learn and implement things that will help improve their performance and keep them healthy). If you don’t know what Z-Health is about then you need to get on it! Check out more info about it here.

We are also looking to run some kettlebell workshops and bring in some other top level presenters to Seattle. Hocevar Performance is really looking to step it up and provide the highest level of performance training and information in the Seattle area and……also take over the world (slowly but surely).

- Matt Fields is in his last training phase before going to spring training and I can honestly say that his peroformance is at the highest level it has ever been (physically and mentally). We also made some final changes to his nutrition with the Warp Speed Fat Loss meal plans and our training and got him into single digit body fat. For a guy that weighed close to 300 lbs to be performing and looking like this while knocking on the door of the Major Leagues is a big deal. Much respect for all the hard work you put in Matt!

                                            Hocevar Performance - Matt Fields          

                                                      Matt Fileds - Tampa Bay Rays

                                                       Matt Fields at single digit body fat….

Looking for some big numbers and many 500 foot homeruns.

- There is a seprate site going up for the Hocevar Performance Gym where there will be constant reports on whats going on in the gym, the training, opportunities, etc. I will let you know as soon as its active.

- I’ll have another crazy 28 day transformation posted in the next couple of days with one of our athlete group guys that lost exactly 20 lbs in less than a month (no misprint). Commitment + hard work + the right enviroment = crazy results! Look out for it.

Let me know who are some of the presenters that you would like to see coming to the Hocevar Performance Gym. Also, drop any questions that you have about fat loss training for athletes as we’ve got a systme that has shown proven results time and again.


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