A creative way to improve upon some of your weaknesses is by performing a deck of cards training session utilizing bodyweight exercises. I tend to do this on unscheduled training days to work on some movements I want to improve and also strengthen some weaknesses. This way I can get in extra volume without wearing myself out too much. I tend to do this with my athletes so that there is a competitive environment, as we will compete to see who can get the most cards before the deck runs out. It can get quite crazy and the intensity is high.

The “Deck of Cards” training session is performed as follows: Grab a deck of cards and assign a certain exercise that targets your goals for the session to a suit (ex. heart - dive bomber push ups, diamond - squat jump, etc…..). Flip a card, the suit indicates the exercise and the number on the card represents the number of reps perform. Be sure to take out the 2,3 & 4 cards. The face cards represent 10 reps and the aces 11 reps, jokers mean 1o reps of each exercise. You can change the rules up and make it more or less difficult. Today our “extra” training session included:

Hearts - One Hand Push Ups (alternating)

Diamonds - Pistols (alternating)

Spades - Chin Ups

Clubs - Bodyweight Rows


Needless to say I got a lot of face cards…..


I really like rhe “Deck of Cards” training sessions. They get me working on my weaknesses but also allow me to enhance performance in areas I am already strong in. No matter what, always strive for improvement! Ask yourself honestly: Are you as good as you can be, as you want to be? Now, do something about it!

Till next time…….