I am a real big believer that commitment, hard work and consistency are some of the most important traits when it comes to getting results with training for any physical goal (and any other endeavor in life for that matter). I also believe that you can fast track your results if you listen and learn from the right people and apply that knowledge. Here is an example of being smart and listening to someone that is smarter than you….

The task at hand was dropping some bodyweight (most of all fat) from Matt Fields body as he came back from his baseball season and Tampa Bay Rays instructional camp (Matt used to weigh close to 300 lbs but that is another story). Matt actually did a good job of staying in great shape during the season and maintaining his athleticism. The long season did take it’s toll on his physique a little bit and we wanted to get his body looking, feeling and performing at top level as soon as possible so that he can come into training camp an absolute “beast” (I’ve realized that this is my word of choice, so deal with it).

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