I need to get some bigger boxes for jumping because I had to resort to this….it’s the only thing that was 60 inches + though. Don’t do this at home kids (or anywhere else for that matter)

I have always strived to be the best that I can be and even surpass my potential. I look to improve everyday, and since I do not have the push from my basketball career anymore, I tend to push the limits of my athletic performance. I find out more and more about myself when doing so and I also become better at helping my clients achieve their results. On top of that I also believe that you have to walk the walk. My wife tells me that I am obsessed, which could also have a little to do with it!

I heard about Constant Never Ending Improvement (CANI) from Tony Robbins, even though I know it stems back centuries, as he stated that constant daily improvements compounded over time will yield incredible results. Think about how many little things you could do every day to improve your life. Remember, success and improvement are not destinations, they are a journey, one that is never ending……

Part of the reason I write this is because even though I have had ups and downs and obstacles, this month I have hit a lot of PR’s (personal records) in the gym. It was a culmination of hard work and consistency over a period of time that brought these results and not just a week or two of hard training. Here are some of the things I hit my personal best in the past month:

1. Trap Bar Deadlift     475 lbs

2. Foam Roll Bench Press  (so much for not having boards)      405 lbs   (that’s a 40 lbs PR!)

3. Bench Press      345 lbs

4. Tire Jump  (shown above in the video)       3   x  5     (60 inches)

5. Box Squat (low)          375 lbs

6. Front Squat          280 lbs  x   3

On top of that I have improved my conditioning significantly and also improved some bodyweight movements I was working on (planche, handstand push ups, etc….). All of these achievements really just make me hungry for more. I have already set my next goals and planned out the next 8 weeks of training. What are your goals? Are you striving for CANI? If not then leave what you are doing and do something that you are passionate about enough to want to improve every single day!

385 lbs board press

On my way to 405 lb PR

Let me leave you with a piece of wisdom from a book called The Creed of the Conquering Chief by Albert Lewis Pelton:

"From now on I vow I will try to act the part of a person TEN TIMES bigger than I am now, for by so doing, I construct greater powers in my own brain which will actually build me into such a leader. I refuse to longer be confined by the shadowy walls which heretofore have cramped me into a narrow sphere. From this day forth the word ‘limit’ is banished from my mind."


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