Random Thoughts and Update’s

It’s getting real busy at Hocevar Performance and I tend to train a little too long, I must confess. The situation leaves me only so much time to take care of all the other things I need to, such as keeping this blog as interesting as possible. So much for all the time management books I’ve read!

Here are some thoughts and updates that will be extremely random, yet I hope you get something out of them, even if it’s just a good laugh (I guarantee that one!)

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Look the Part – 5 Tips to Train Like a Fighter

As featured on the Nate Green Experience….

5 Tips To Train Like A Fighter - Hocevar Performance 

I’ve always been a big fan of mixed martial arts and even though basketball was my favorite sport and the one I ended up pursuing, I grew up taking judo, kickboxing and karate for years.

Apart from liking the arts, I also did it because I wanted to be a bad ass. I actually ended up getting into way too much shit where I thought I could use my skills. (Not recommended.)

Things have come full circle and not only have I picked up MMA training again but I also train quite a few MMA fighters and wrestlers. I’ve learned from some of the top MMA…  Read more

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4th Of July Training

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and got to spend time with their family while being grateful for our freedom.

Just like everyone else I had a bunch of places to be on the 4th from spending time with my wife to hitting up a family BBQ and then meeting up with friends to watch the fireworks at Coulon Park. Because of that I made sure that I got everyone in the gym early that morning to get our scheduled training session in. One of the things that takes the Hocevar Performance athletes to the next level is the mindset of no excuses. Everything in life worth getting takes sacrifice and if you’re not willing to do that then maybe you don’t want to achieve that goal as much as you though you did. There were people that sacrificed their lives and future so that we could have what we have, yet there is so many people that just whine and don’t do anything about the situation they are in only to make excuses about how unfortunate things only happen to them!

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