Seattle Athletes Beware!

While typing this the first thing that comes to mind is that I wish when I was younger that there would have been a training gym and environment like the one that is being experienced at Hocevar Performance. I dont have any regrets because the path I took made me the successful athlete that I was and also the coach that I am today. But think about it, to be able to find a place where there is top level training and be around like minded individuals that want to be the best and really fulfill their potential no matter what their given sport or endeavor.

Life is all about choices and the path that you choose. You can choose to make excuses, b.s. yourself, stay in your comfort zone and hang around athletes that are at or below your level, or you can choose to step out of your comfort zone and decide to push yourself harder than you ever have and see how your life changes while you go places you never thought possible. Its hard but the rewards are priceless!

No gimmicks in here!

You can fear or be feared. Which one would you prefer? If you are serious about being the next dominant athlete contact me at

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The Coming……

Nothing in life worthwhile to us, comes without sacrifice. If you haven’t found that out yet, then you will sooner or later. With that being said I believe that the people who fail to succeed do so because of the lack of wil rather than strength or knowledge.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Vince Lombardi and it is about perseverance:

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour - his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear - is that moment when he has worked his hart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.”

Ask yourself if you have persevered or given up on your goals and dreams. I have had many ups and downs but I have persevered and overcame. Hocevar Performance is the future home of the most dominant athletes in Seattle, the counrty and the world. It is coming……

101, not a coincidence

If you are striving to be the next dominant athlete in the state then contact me at



Advanced Ab Training

I know some people are going to look at these exercises and try to do them even though they can’t hold a good plank for 30 seconds, mistake! It does say advanced so if you do a 100 crunches a day you definitely don’t fall into the advanced category.

Some of the exercises are specificand I will use them with different athletes (ex. rope chin up position leg raises will be used with some MMA fighters, as will the KB rotations). The Turkish Get Up can be used by most people even though I would choose to load it differently depending on the level of the athlete. We will start with just the bodyweight movement and then go change it up with KB’s, sandbags, barbells, DB’s.

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Are You Powerful? For How Long Though?

I came across the idea for this article while being ringside at a high level MMA event that was held at a local community college in the Seattle area.

Do you ever notice how many athletes in sports have an extremely visible drop off in power as the fight/game goes on?

You may say well that’s logical they are tired and it’s to be expected. I’m talking about a drop off where you look like a shadow of your former self because your arms and your legs get heavy, your lungs are on fire and you cannot breathe and you are moving for the sake of moving and just getting done with the game/fight.

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This Weeks Q & A

There have been some questions that have bundled up in my inbox and I thought it would be time to answer some of them. A quick answer to a popular question, yes I did stuff myself for thanksgiving…..or also known as carb loading!

What can I do with a group of basketball players (14 – 18 years) for strength training when I do not have any equipment or a facility other than a basketball court? I also need to point out that we have around an hour and a half where the majority of the time is going to be used for skill training and playing.

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Get Built For Show On The Court,Field Or Anywhere Else

I have to apologize because I thought this article was going to be up earlier, but I’m just going to have to blame Nate Green for that (I can’t blame myself now, I do no wrong……enter sarchasm).

Dominate Flag Football, Pick Up Basketball, or Anywhere Else You Want To Show Off is up in the resource section of Built For Show. The article has tons of info and it also includes a sample training program, pictures and links of videos to different exercises.

I want you to get your butt over there right now, get to training and send me pics and videos of in “your face” dunks, incredible touchdown catches, or maybe just comment on your improved performance in mini golf after you got done implementing the info into your training.

Since its in PDF you can also download it as an e-book and send it to your friends (if they play any sports with you then you might wanna keep it from them and dominate them). Go HERE to get it.

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